City Council Meeting

Meeting Title:
City Council Meeting
Tuesday, September 19, 2023
7:00 pm
Town Hall
Background Documents
00 Agenda 09192023

06a Northside Alive Community Mural

06b Multimodal Cover Memo and Resolution

06c 2023 39 City Council Contract - E. 5th Street Pipe Replacement

06d DBA - 2023 Harvest Fest - Council Submission

06e 2023 54 Health Billing Consultant - Mozella McCoy

06f 2023 55 LGBTQ Community Training

06g Lehigh - Brown  White BBQ Family Weekend - Council Submission

06h Transfer funds to Non-Utility 3 Police Vehicles

06i Transfer of Funds General Fund

06j Fire Chief Record Destruction

06k 2024 Pension Minimum Municipal Obligations - Memo to CC

06l Article 347 Amendments - Council Submission

06m Local Share Authority Grant – Rose Garden

06n Approve Resolution DCED LSA Sidewalks (Northampton Lehigh Monroe)

06o Grant - Pathways to Removing Obstacles to Housing

06p Riparian Buffer Agreement - Saucon Park

9a 35-2023 General Fund Adjustments-2023-Health

9b 36-2023 General Fund Adjustments-2023-Walmart Grant

10a Approve Resolution - Northside Alive Community Mural

10b Approve Resolution - 2023 Multimodel Grant Resolution-West Third Street

10c Approve Resolution - Contract - E. 5th Street Pipe Replacement

10d Approve Resolution - DBA - 2023 Harvest Fest

10e Approve Resolution - 2023 54 Health Billing Consultant - Mozella McCoy

10f Approve Resolution - 2023 55 LGBTQ Community Training

10g Approve UPA – Lehigh - Brown White BBQ Family Weekend

10h Approve Transfer of Funds within Non-Utility Capital Fund

10i Approve Transfer of Funds CDBG-HOME

10j Approve Resolution DCED LSA Sidewalks (Monroe)

10k Approve Resolution DCED LSA Sidewalks (Lehigh Northampton)

10l Approve Resolution - Pathway to Removing Obstacles to Housing

10m Approve Resolution DCED LSA Grant Rose Garden

10n Approve Resolution Adopting Riparian Buffer Agreement

10o COA for 257 Church Street September 2023

10p COA for 260 East Wall Street September 2023

10q COA for 402  404 High Street September 2023

BETHLEHEM CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS ARE CURRENTLY OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AND YOU MAY ATTEND COUNCIL MEETINGS IN PERSON.  All Bethlehem City Council meetings take place in the Town Hall Rotunda Building at 10 East Church Street and are generally held on the first and third Tuesday of each month, starting at 7:00 PM. Depending on holidays and election days, some meetings occur on Wednesdays or earlier in the night. Please check dates and times for individual meetings.  

LIVE MEETING YOUTUBE STREAM. You can watch City Council meetings live on the following You Tube channel:

or by doing a search for “City of Bethlehem Council” during the meeting. Video recordings of prior meetings are available at the above link. If you start the meeting after 7:00 pm, scroll forward in the video to see the current stream. 
COUNCIL COVID POLICIES:  Masks are encouraged during City Council Meetings, but not required.  If you attend Council Meetings in person, you will be required to follow applicable Centers for Disease Control, state, and/or local COVID guidelines, as they may change from time to time, related to masks, social distancing, and any other matters.