Public Works


The Department of Public Works is the combination of physical infrastructure assets, management practices, policies, and personnel necessary for our municipality to provide and sustain structures and services essential to the welfare and acceptable quality of life for our citizens.

The Department of Public Works includes the Bureaus of Engineering, Streets Maintenance, Facilities Maintenance, Ground Maintenance, Traffic Maintenance, Electrical Maintenance, Mechanical Maintenance and Urban Forestry. The Department directly manages, maintains, and improves the City of Bethlehem’s public stormwater collection system, roadway transportation systems, parks, building, public electrical systems including traffic signals and street lights, municipal vehicle fleet including fire engines, heavy construction equipment, police vehicles, traffic management systems, and the urban forestry environment.

Along with these core functions, the Department of Public Works also provides engineering, permitting and record keeping services to all City Departments particularly the water and wastewater systems.

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