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The Bethlehem Homebuyer Assistance Program (BHAP) subsidizes down payment and closing costs for eligible homebuyers  looking to purchase a home in the City of Bethlehem. Your total household income must be at or below 80% of the average median income. 

Within the BHAP program, lending institutions will provide up to 90% of the financing and the BHAP program will provide the remainder, up to 10%, plus closing costs.  In addition, the applicant must provide $1,275 toward equity and one-on-one counseling services to participate in the program. Click HERE for a list of current participating lenders.

The BHAP loan is structured as a deferred payment loan (DPL) with a 0% interest rate and gradual forgiveness over a 10-year period. The homebuyer must reside in the property for the 10-year term of the financing or return the loan proceeds on a prorated basis.

The BHAP is administered through Community Action Lehigh Valley. For additional information about the BHAP program please contact:
Community Action Lehigh Valley
(484) 893-1063



Rental Payment Assistance:

The City of Bethlehem partners with New Bethany Ministries to provide short term rental assistance to residents through the Eviction Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program. For more information contact New Bethany Ministries at (610) 691-5602, option 2.

Community Development Committee discusses Affordable Housing

Tuesday evening, March 23, 2021, Bethlehem's Community Development Committee held a discussion regarding how to address affordable housing in the city. View the presentation here.

Housing Rehab:

The City of Bethlehem Housing Rehabilitation Program provides assistance to homeowners within the City of Bethlehem for improving their residence, complying with city code requirements, making weatherization improvements and lead paint remediation. The improved property must be located within the city and must be the property owner’s primary residence. Program eligibility is based on income of all persons living in the home.   More information is available by calling the Office of Housing Rehabilitation at 610-865-7096
Housing Rehab Guidelines
Housing Rehab Application

RFQ for Contractors:

The City of Bethlehem’s Department of Community and Economic Development is requesting qualifications from construction contractors and sub-contractors to establish a list of prequalified contractors. Specifically, the City is seeking to develop a list of pre-qualified contractors and with experience in construction and rehabilitation of residential housing. Likely projects include housing rehabilitation contracts up to $20,000 in value throughout the City of Bethlehem.  Lead removal is usually a part of this rehabilitation work. Otherwise qualified contractors who do not have lead removal certification will be offered the certification course free of charge.  Contractors must complete this course prior to being awarded work under this program.
Request for Qualifications.