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The City of Bethlehem is actively working with government agencies and businesses to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Please refer to the Bethlehem Health Bureau’s coronavirus page for the most current information, best practices, and resources.


Open Bethlehem

Bethlehem is committed to honest budgeting, responsible spending and financial transparency. In this spirit, Bethlehem has partnered with OpenGov to provide residents and stakeholders with the financial transparency portal Open Bethlehem. The portal is designed to bring visibility, openness, and accountability to our operations.

To learn more about Open Bethlehem, please see our help guide.

Common Questions
  1. What are Bethlehem's sources of revenue?
  2. What are Bethlehem's expenses?
  3. How much does Bethlehem receive in casino host fees each year?
  4. Does Bethlehem collect interest income on cash balances?
  5. How much does Bethlehem receive on the sales of recyclables?
  6. How much does Bethlehem spend to clear winter storms?
  7. How much does Bethlehem spend on paving roads?
  8. How much does Bethlehem spend on pensions?


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