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The City of Bethlehem Community and Economic Development Permit Office will be closed Wednesday afternoons to walk-ins from 1 to 4:30pm. This temporary closure is due to the digitization of the permit files. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Help Guide

General information on our budgeting process:
  • The Administration begins to meet with all Departments and prepare the early drafts of the budget in late summer. By early fall the Mayor is reviewing initial figures.
  • In early November the Mayor delivers a Budget Address and submits the proposed budget to City Council.
  • Once the budget proposal is received, City Council schedules a series of budget hearings (typically 3-5) to review the proposed budget. The meetings are announced and posted on the City Council calendar page.
  • The final vote on the proposed budget typically occurs at the last City Council meeting of the year. 
General information on our budget:
  • The Operating and Capital budget includes several years of historical information, as well as the proposal for upcoming year.
  • The budget includes the General Fund, which is the primary fund for municipal operations, including Elected Officials, Administration, Community and Economic Development, Public Works, Police, Fire, General, Civic, and Debt Service. 
  • The opening pages include funding sources for the General Fund, and breaks down expenses by Bureau and Category. It also offers a summary of positions.
  • Each Department is broken into Bureaus. Each Bureau provides a description of the Bureau's goals and objectives, prior  year achivements, personnel detail, and account detail.
  • The Non-Utility Capital Fund includes capital projects and purchases, as well as their funding sources.
  • Water, Sewer, Golf, Liquid Fuels, and Storm Water Funds are presented in the same format as the General Fund, but operate independently of the General Fund.
  • The CDBG Fund (Community Development Block Grants) provides detail on the allocation of dollars provided by the CDBG program.