Community Development Committee Meeting

Tuesday, March 03, 2020
7:00 pm
Town Hall
Background Documents
00 Agenda 03032020

01 PH Proposed Zoning Amendment-Short Term Lodging and Hotels

06a Planning Commission-Short Term Lodging

06b LVPC - Short Term Lodging

06c RecommendofAward Celebration Fireworks

06d Records Destruction-Police Dept

06e RecommendofAward Brown Design Group-Rose Garden Improvements

06f RecommendofAward LVMA-Music in the Park

06g Amendment to Article 121-Finance

06h Request-Revision H20 Grant Resolution

06i RecommendofAward-D'Huy Engineering

06j 2019 CDBG HOME Action Plan Amendment Resolution

06k 02272020 EH Memo 2-27-2020 revision to Bill amending Art 1741

06l Use Permit Agreement Work to Live dba Run LV (Brew to Brew Run Event)

06m Use Permit Agreement AAUW (Book Fair)

06n Use Permit Agreement St Luke's (Boutique at the Rink)

07b1 AO Judith Hinkle-Civil Service Board

07b2 AO Tracy Oscavich-Redevelopment Authority

08a Bill 02-2020 Amending 2020 General Fund

08b Bill 03-2020 Amending 2020 Non-Utility Capital Budget

08c Bill 04-2020 Amending 2020 Water Capital Fund

08d Bill 05-2020 Amending 2020 Sewer Capital Fund

09a Bill 06-2020 Bill Est Art 1738

10a UPA - Sports Teams - General Resolution (2020)

10b UPA-Star of Bethlehem (Failte Fest) - Resolution

10c Approve Contract-Celebration Fireworks

10d Approve Contract-Brown Design Group-Rose Garden Improvements

10e Approve Contract-Music in the Park

10f Approve H20 Grant Resolution Revision

10g Approve Contract-D'Huy Engineering, Inc.

10h COA 702 East Fourth Street Antillana Meat Market

10i COA 127-129 East Third Street

10j COA 215 East Morton Street