City Council Meeting

Tuesday, January 21, 2020
7:00 pm
Town Hall
Background Documents
00 Agenda 01212020

01 PH Rezoning Petition - 2015 City Line Road

06a 2015 City Line Road Rezoning memo

06b LVPC 2015 City Line Rd Shopping Center (SC) to Planned Industrial

06c RecommendofAward-Gannett Fleming

06d RecommendofAward-Entech Engineering

06e RecommendofAward-S. C. Engineers

06f RecommendofAward-K.L. Fulford

06g RecommendofAward-Emerson Process

06h RecommendofAward-Celebration Fireworks

06i ArtsQuest, Boyd, Riverport-RACP Awards

06j RecommendofAward-Coastal Technical Sales

06k 2105 Creek Rd Rezoning Request

06l RecommendofAward-Pennoni

06m Councilman Reynolds-Request Pub Saf Mtg-Marijuana

06n 2020 Vehicle Auction

06o Records Destruction-Fire Dept

06p RecommendofAward-St. Luke's University Health Network

06q RecommendofAward-Property Registration Champions

06r RecommendofAward-D'Huy Engineering

06s Potential Transfer of City Properties

06t Potential Transfer of City Property-Tavarez

06u Proposed Zoning Amendments-Short Term Lodging-Bed and Breakfast

06v UPA - ArtsQuest (Musikfest 2020-2024) - Council submission

07a1 CA Olga Negrón-Library

10a Contract - Gannett Fleming Valuation and Rate Consultants

10b Contract - Entech Engineering, Inc

10c Contract - S.C. Engineers, Inc

10d Contract - K. L. Fulford Associates, Inc

10e Contract - Emerson Process Management

10f Contract-Celebration Fireworks

10g RACP Grant Award ArtsQuest Resolution

10h RACP Grant Award Boyd Resolution

10i RACP Grant Award Riverport Resolution

10j Contract-Coastal Technical Sales

10k Contract-Pennoni

10l Contract-St. Luke's Univ Health Network

10m Contract-Property Registration Champions

10n Contract-D'Huy Engineering, Inc.

10o Resolution-Short Term Lodging Zoning Text Amendments

10p UPA for Musikfest 2020-2024

10q COA 23 East Church Street