Real Estate Taxes

City of Bethlehem Property Tax

Property Taxes in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania consist of three basic components: City, County and School taxes.  The City of Bethlehem collects ONLY the City portion of the property taxes for parcels located IN the City of Bethlehem.  The County and School Tax portions are billed and payed directly to the appropriate County and School District.

County Assessment
Property assessment/values in Pennsylvania are set at the county level by the county assessment offices.  The City of Bethlehem is a fairly unique city in Pennsylvania, with approximately 1/3rd of the City's area located in Lehigh County and 2/3rds of the City located in Northampton County.  The two counties use different base years for determining the assessed value of properties in their respective jurisdictions.  Due to difference in base years of property assessment, there are differing millage rates for parcels located in Lehigh and Northampton Counties.

Property Tax Millage Rates
The current (2024) millage rates for the City portion of the real estate tax bill are:  
Parcels located within Lehigh County – 6.21
Parcels located within Northampton County – 19.64

Due Dates 
All property owners are required to pay their assessed Real Estate/Property Tax on or before May 31st of each tax year. A discount is granted to taxpayers who pay their City of Bethlehem Real Estate/Property Tax bills in full prior to March 28th for the 2024 tax year.

Installment plans (Quarterly Payments) are not eligible for the early payment discount.  All payments not received in full that are not enrolled in the quarterly installment plan will be assessed a 10% penalty.  All unpaid 2024 property tax collections will be turned over to Portnoff Law Associates, Ltd., as of close of business on December 31, 2024.

See all 2024 Real Estate/Property Tax due dates for both regular and installment payments here.

Property Tax Billing
Property tax bills are mailed out in early January. Please note as per Pennsylvania tax collection law Section 7. Effect of Failure to Receive a Tax Notice (Purdon's Statute 72, Section 5511.7) Failure to receive notice shall not relieve any taxpayer from the payment of any taxes imposed by any taxing district, and such taxpayer shall be charged with his taxes as though he had received notice. Therefore, if you did not receive your real estate tax bill by the end of January, please contact the City of Bethlehem Tax Bureau at (610) 865-7022 to request a duplicate copy.

Escrow Accounts
If your mortgage company or bank pays your taxes through an escrow account, it is your responsibility to make sure that you mortgage company receives the bill.  You are ultimately responsible for any late payment penalties added to your bill, even if your account is paid through an escrow account.  Make sure your lender has the correct information to avoid unwanted penalties!

For additional questions or assistance with obtaining/paying a property tax bill, Please contact the Tax Bureau:

City of Bethlehem
Tax Bureau
Phone: (610) 865-7022
eMail: TaxDepartment@Bethlehem-pa.gov