Utility Billing/Metering

How to read your Utility Bill

Your utility bill includes charges for water, sewer, and recycling depending on your service location. This bill is generated either quarterly or monthly. Your bill includes important information regarding the property usage, as well as a message center which includes important information about your service. You can also view a sample bill online.

How to pay your Utility Bill
There are several options available to make payment on your utility bill.

  • In person:  Financial Service representatives are able to process your payment at City Hall Monday through Friday 8AM to 4:30PM  (excluding holidays). Please note if you elect to pay by credit/debit card there is a fee of 2.45%. These fees are fees assessed by the credit card company.

  • 24 Hour Drop Box: Located to the left of the Church Street entrance, payments can be left in the drop box anytime day or night. Payments are picked up from the drop box twice per day during normal business hours.
  • Online Payments: You can make a water/sewer payment using the “My Account” Portal on the City of Bethlehem website. Discover, American Express, MasterCard (Credit/Debit), and Visa (Credit/Debit) are all accepted. If the amount of the transaction is less than or equal to $300, a $3.50 flat fee is charged. If the amount of the transaction is greater than $300 but does not exceed $25,000, a fee of 2.75% is charged. These fees are assessed by the credit card processing company.

Estimate vs. Actual?
While every attempt is made to read your meter, there are times when circumstances beyond our control require us to estimate your usage. Estimates are based on prior usage therefore when you receive an actual meter reading after an estimated bill you may notice an increase or decrease fluctuation in your bill to adjust for the actual reading.

Why is my bill so high?
  • You may have had a previously estimated invoice therefore your current bill could reflect a necessary adjustment of usage.
  • Changes in occupancy. The average person consumes approximately 6,000 gallons per person/quarterly. If the number of people occupying the property has changed it can have a direct impact to the amount of your utility bill.
  • The meter in your home measures the water entering the property and is difficult for us to determine where the water goes after is passes through the meter.
    • It could be the result of an undetected leak. For example a leaking toilet can be a major contributor to high usage and often goes undetected. You can check to see if your toilet is leaking by:
      • Putting a small amount of food coloring in the tank, if the color enters the bowl without flushing there may be a leak in the seal.
      • Sprinkle powder in the tank to determine if the toilet is leaking through the overflow.

My water pressure is low?
  • There could be a problem outside of the property affecting your service such as a line break. You can find out about activity in your area by calling the Bethlehem Service Center (610) 865-7077 anytime.
  • If there is no Water and Sewer Resources activity in your area often low pressure problems are caused by issues inside the property. This may be caused by a faulty low pressure reducer, closed valve, or clogged filters.

I think I have a problem with my water meter?
  • If your meter is broken and leaking
    • Bethlehem Service Center. You can reach our Bethlehem Service Center (610) 865-7077 anytime.
  • For non-emergency water meter issues
    • Customer Service. You can contact Utility Billing Customer Service during normal business hours from 8:30 AM to 4:30PM. (610) 865-7070