Special Events

Welcome to the City of Bethlehem Special Events/Vendor Permit Application Process!

The City of Bethlehem hosts hundreds of special events each year.  Additionally, many vendors participate in these events by providing goods and services.

In order to provide permits for events and vending in the most efficient manner, we have built an on-line applicational portal.

Please review the information below, then click here to begin your application.
Orientation Meetings

The City of Bethlehem conducts Special Activity Meetings at City Hall every second Wednesday of each month starting at 2pm.  *Questions/Inquiries exclusively regarding food trucks will begin at 2:30 pm.*  

Representatives from city departments will be present to answer questions or address any issues you may have about special events and/or vending. 

Anyone may attend but we do ask that if your event is new, you should attend at least one of these meetings.

We want your event to be a success and attendance at one of these meetings ensures you will receive the necessary information.

Please RSVP with our event staff at eventapp@bethlehem-pa.gov  or call 610-997-7618 prior to the meeting, if possible.


The fee for a Special Events application is $100.

If the event encroaches on public property, the Engineering Bureau will determine if a $100 Right of Way fee may be required.

If the event will take place on public property and will last more than 3 days and/or involve alcohol, a $50 Use Permit will be required.

Additional post event fees may be assessed for the use of public safety personnel (police, fire, EMS), use of city electricity, use of city water, use of traffic resources, the need for a fire permit or tent permit.

Any fees pertaining to your specific request will be explained in your application.


Pay special attention to the timelines that are required to review and approve your application. Applications require the review of several city departments, which you will see in your application. In order to complete and coordinate the review and approval, be sure to submit your completed application within the timelines stated.

A standard Special Event application must be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to the proposed event. 

Please note that if any City personnel or support services will be required at your event, the application must be submitted a minimum of 60 days prior to the proposed event.

If the event needs a Use Permit because it will take place on public property and will last 3 or more days and/or involve alcohol,  the application must be submitted  a minimum of 60 days prior to the proposed event as it requires approval of City Council.

A vendor permit application must be submitted a minimum of 14 days prior to the proposed vending.
What you may need for your application
You will be required to submit specific details about your event including location, dates and times, type of event, etc.
  • You will need a detailed site map.  Examples are provided in the application.
  • You may need insurance.  Directions are provided in the application.

You may need a City of Bethlehem Business Privilege License.

If you have alcohol at your event, you will need to obtain either a liquor liability insurance policy, a special event liability insurance policy including host liquor liability insurance coverage, or a general liability policy including host liquor liability coverage that satisfies coverage limits specified by the City.  You will also need authorization from the State Liquor Control Board (PLCB).