Lead & Healthy Homes

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“The connection between health and dwelling is one of the most important that exists” - Florence Nightingale

Lead-based paint, and the health hazards associated with the paint in homes, exists in the majority of the City of Bethlehem housing stock. Lead based-paint can cause severe physical and neurological concerns in all exposed individuals, however young children and pregnant women who spend significant amounts of time in these homes can experience the greatest amount of hazards.

Housing conditions also have a significant effect on public health and quality of life.  Most people spend an average of 90% of their time indoors, where unhealthy and unsafe conditions can increase their risk for disease, injury, and death.  A Healthy Home is designed, maintained & renovated in ways that support the health of the residents.

The City of Bethlehem is taking an active role in minimizing these preventable threats to human health through both regulatory and voluntary means:



The City of Bethlehem, State of Pennsyvania and multiple federal agencies have created regulations pertaining to the surveillance, enforcement, and abatement of lead-paint hazards and children identified as having elevated blood lead levels.  Additional information pertaining to those regulations can be found here.


The Lead and Healthy homes program is intended to protect the residents of the City of Bethlehem from the harms of lead poisoning and other home related hazards.   Income-qualifying residents with lead-based paint or home health concerns can apply for FREE assistance to remediate homes.

The City of Bethlehem has been charged by the State of Pennsylvania and the U.S. Housing and Urban Development to remediate home health/safety issues in approximately 300 homes by 2025.  Improvements made under this program may include window repair and/or replacement, installation of smoke and CO detectors, repair of roof and/or other areas of water intrusion, heating repair and code compliance.

For more information about this program, please contact the Bethlehem Health Bureau or complete the program application provided below.


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