Residential/Curbside Recycling

According to City Ordinance #3821, Article 933.04  all residents of the City of Bethlehem are required to recycle. The City of Bethlehem Recycling Department provides biweekly curbside recycling pickup for all residents. 


Cans: Aluminum, tin, steel, bimetalic and aerosol cans; formed aluminum containers (such as pie pans). No toxic or flammable materials. No paint cans.
Glass: Clear, green, and brown food and beverage jars and bottles with caps. No drinking glasses, window panes, light bulbs, mirrors, ceramic, china, or porcelain.
Plastics: Plastic bottles and containers labeled #1-7 (Soda, water, milk, juice, liquor, shampoo, detergent, condiments, salad dressing, yogurt, margarine) Please Crush. NO Styrofoam, plastic bags, film, or plastic toys. Plastics must be smaller than a 5-gallon container. Please remove caps and then recycle containers and caps.
Food & Beverage Cartons:  Milk cartons, soup or broth cartons, orange juice, ice cream or juice containers.
Newspapers – Including inserts
Shiny paper
Paper bags
Phone books

Mixed office paper - all colors including:
  • Non-shiny junk mail
  • Bond paper
  • Booklets, pamphlets
  • Calculator tape
  • Carbonless forms
  • Computer paper
  • Copier paper & wrappers
  • Envelopes (with & without window)
  • Index cards
  • Ledger paper
  • Manila file folders (all colors)
  • Post-its
  • Scratch paper (without cardboard backing)
  • Tabbed dividers
  • Writing tablets (without cardboard backing)
Corrugated cardboard boxes – (has wavy center between two layers). Flatten and put in container loose. If there is too much to put in container, flatten in bundles no larger than 2’ X 4’ and tie with string. NO tape. No wax coated cardboard.
Flatboard – Cereal boxes, tissue boxes, gift boxes, etc. (remove liner). Should be brown,  gray or white on the inside when torn.


Rinse until clean and drain all cans, glass and plastics. Place recyclables in your container. Labels need not be removed. Caps, lids and rings are also recyclable.

Crush cans and plastics to save space. Do not crush glass bottles and jars.

Extra quantities of recyclables may be put out in any open, rigid, waterproof container that is of 30 gallon capacity or less – please mark container “RECYCLING”. NO CARDBOARD BOXES, PLASTIC OR PAPER BAGS TO BE USED FOR STORAGE OF MATERIALS.

Place your container(s) at your front curb the night before your scheduled pick-up day (after 6 pm).  Call the Recycling Bureau at 610-865-7082, option # 3 if you need to find out when your collection day is.

All materials are to be placed in containers loose.

NO BOOKS (hard or soft cover) These are accepted at the Theis/Cornfeld Recycling Center.

Pizza boxes can NOT be placed in your curbside containers. They must go with trash. The food grease from these boxes is contaminating other paper goods therefore making it unacceptable to our broker. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and we thank you for your efforts!

Plastic bag and film recycling



Recycle these items at your local Weis, Giant, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes or Target Stores

Please write your address on your container.

Additional containers are available at The Theis/Cornfeld Recycling Center on Illick's Mill Road:
Blue containers - $13.00/each
Lids: $2.00/each

Note: If you live in an apartment, your building may have a different procedure. Check with your landlord or apartment manager.

For missed pick-ups call Republic Services at (855) 866-8399.