Lead Service Lines

The City of Bethlehem Water & Sewer Resources Department is seeking your help to identify the material of the water service line coming into your home. It is important that residents check their water service line because all potential sources of lead in plumbing should be removed when possible. Lead can also be found in older brass fixtures and valves and in old solder that connects pipes.

Follow the instructions on the Service Line Material Identification Form to identify and report your service line material. Other ways to check for lead piping are using an EPA recognized lead test kit purchased at your local hardware or home improvement store or hiring a licensed and insured plumber to perform a pipe survey of your home.

Please note that simply having a lead service line does not mean that your drinking water contains high levels of lead. The City of Bethlehem employs corrosion control treatment that greatly reduces the chance of lead leaching into the water and is effective at keeping lead levels below the EPA’s standard of 15 parts per billion.

If your home or business meets the criteria for lead and copper sampling, you could have your address added to the lead and copper sampling list. Lead and copper sampling involves a Water Lab employee dropping off instructions and a bottle for you to fill. A Water Lab employee will pick up the filled bottle the next morning. Lead and copper sampling typically occurs every three years with the next event being in 2022.

Thank you for your assistance in identifying the water service line material in your home. Please call the Bethlehem Water Lab at 610-865-7144 or email LeadServiceLine@bethlehem-pa.gov with any questions about this identification.

Please complete and submit the Service Line Material Identification Form:
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