In Memoriam

Officer George Shuman

August 26th, 1907
On August 26th, 1907, Officer Shuman was shot to death while affecting an arrest of a William Handy in the area of the Reading Railway near Adams St. Several hours later Handy was arrested. On September 23rd, 1907, he was sentenced to death for the murder of Officer Shuman and on February 20th, 1908, he was electrocuted. Officer Shuman was a member of the South Bethlehem Borough Police Department. Ten years later the Boroughs of South Bethlehem and Bethlehem merged to become the City Of Bethlehem.

Officer Charles Lawrence

January 6th, 1924
On January 6th, 1924, Officer Lawrence responded to the scene of a structure fire in the unit block of W. Broad St. Officer Lawrence had climbed a ladder to assist in fighting the fire when he fell from the ladder. He suffered a head injury and died a short time later at St. Lukes Hospital 

Officer Charles Fenton

November 14th, 1927
On November 12th, 1927, Officer Fenton while walking his patrol beat interrupted a robbery at a “disorderly house” at 228 Columbia St. and as he was attempting to arrest several actors he was shot by one of them. Officer Fenton died from his injuries on November 14th, 1927. Several individuals were later arrested in Cleveland, Oh. for the murder of Officer Fenton.

Captain Harry Strauss

June 3rd, 1932
On June 3rd, 1932, Captain Strauss was directing traffic on William Penn Highway during a barn fire, when he was struck and killed by an automobile.

Officer Phillip J. Fahy

August 29th, 1969
On August 29th, 1969, Officer Fahy and his partner Officer Merle Getz were on patrol when they attempted to stop a vehicle driven by a Bebley Wells. After pursuing the vehicle to an area off the Williams St. Ext. Wells exited his vehicle and immediately fired a shotgun at Officer Fahy mortally wounding him. Officer Getz was able to return fire striking Wells several times. Wells was later tried and convicted for the murder of Officer Fahy and and died serving a life term for 1st degree murder in the Pennsylvania State Prison System in 2004. A bridge that spans the Lehigh River was named the Phillip J. Fahy Memorial Bridge in Officer Fahy’s honor.

Officer Daniel E. Rice

April 25th, 1997 
On April 25th, 1997, Officer Rice a 26-year veteran of the force was on patrol when he was involved in a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Schoenersville Rd. and Westgate Dr. Officer Rice died from injuries that he suffered in the accident. The local chapter of the Ancient Order Of Hibernians “The Danny Rice Division” is named in his honor. The City of Bethlehem also honored him by dedicating a local park in his name.