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The City of Bethlehem Community and Economic Development Permit Office will be closed Wednesday afternoons to walk-ins from 1 to 4:30pm. This temporary closure is due to the digitization of the permit files. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Crime Prevention


The Bethlehem Police Department's Crime Prevention Office provides many services to the community to encourage crime prevention and safety.



Crime Prevention...
  1.  is everybody's business
  2.  is more than security
  3.  is a responsibility of ALL levels of Government
  4.  is linked with solving social problems
  5.  is cost effective
  6.  requires a central position in Law Enforcement
  7.  requires cooperation by all elements of community
  8.  is education
  9.  requires tailoring to local needs and conditions
  10.  requires continual testing and improvement
  11.  improves quality of life for every community


The Crime Prevention Office makes all of the following services available to the public:
  • Fingerprint identification for children
  • McGruff the Crime Dog visits
  • Free gun locks
  • Blockwatch coordination and participation by police officers
  • Free brochures, posters, and presentations on a variety of topics
  • Cops and Kids book program


To request any of our community services or find out more information, please fill out a request form.

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