Bicycle Registration and ID


Bicycle Registration

Pedalcycle defined - See Vehicle Code §102
Attachment to moving vehicles - See Vehicle Code §3711


The words "bicycle" and "pedalcycle" for purposes of this Traffic Code are interchangeable and mean a vehicle propelled solely by human-powered pedals. (Ord. 2623 §27. Passed 10/3/78.)


(a) No resident of the City shall ride or operate a bicycle upon any public way within the City unless such bicycle has been properly registered and tagged in accordance with the following regulations:
  1. Every owner of any bicycle within the City shall file with the Police Commissioner or his authorized representative a complete description of the bicycle and show evidence of ownership, which filing shall constitute a registration of the bicycle.
  2. Any resident who acquires ownership of any bicycle shall file for registration within two weeks following such acquisition.
  3. Each registration shall be consecutively numbered and kept on file by the Police Commissioner in his office as a public record.
  4. A fee of fifty cents ($.50) shall be charged for registration.
  5. Immediately upon the registration of a bicycle the Police Commissioner or his authorized representative shall issue an identification tag, serially numbered to correspond to the bicycle registration, which shall thereupon be affixed to the bicycle in accordance with the instructions of the Police Commissioner. The Police Commissioner shall also supply the owner at the time of registration with a registration card showing the registration number and a printed sheet or booklet which contains all laws and ordinances applicable to the operation of a bicycle within the City together with whatever information may, in the judgment of the Police Commissioner, assist the operator in the safe operation of a bicycle.
  6. Within one week after the sale or dismantling of any registered bicycle, such information shall be reported to the Police Commissioner by the person in whose name the bicycle was registered.
  7. Every person engaged in the business of buying and selling new or used bicycles shall make a written report within five days to the Police Commissioner of every bicycle purchased or sold giving a complete description of the bicycle together with the names and addresses of the persons from whom the bicycles were purchased or to whom they were sold.
  8. Bicycles owned by any rental agency are subject to this section.
  9. No person shall willfully or maliciously remove, destroy, mutilate or alter the identification device, frame number of the bicycle or the registration card issued to the owner.
  10. All bicycles shall be re-registered once a year at locations provided by the Police Department. A fee of fifty cents ($.50) will be charged for each registration and at the time of registration. Failure to re-register will result in enforcement of the penalty provisions of this Article.

(Ord. 2429 §3. Passed 7/2/74; Ord. 2567 §1-3 Passed 6/7/77.)

543.99 PENALTY

Any person violating any provision of Section 543.02 is guilty of a summary offense and shall, upon conviction, be sentenced to pay a fine of not more than fifteen dollars ($15.00), except that, any person violating subsection (a) (9) thereof (pertaining to tampering with identification devices) shall, upon conviction, be sentenced to pay a fine of not more than fifty dollars ($50.00). (Ord. 2623 §29. Passed 10/3/78.)