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The City of Bethlehem Community and Economic Development Permit Office will be closed Wednesday afternoons to walk-ins from 1 to 4:30pm. This temporary closure is due to the digitization of the permit files. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


FEMA Disaster Assistance form Hurricane Ida Still Available

Help Remains When Disaster Recovery Centers Close

The Disaster Recovery Centers (DRCs) at Calvary Church in Souderton, Bucks County, will close permanently Friday, Oct. 15 at 7 p.m.

Meantime, as a survivor of the remnants of Hurricane Ida, you will still be able to get the help you need. Visiting a Disaster Recovery Center is not required. 
To register with FEMA:
▪ Apply for disaster assistance at Disaster by using the FEMA mobile app, or by calling 800-621-FEMA (1-800-621-3362.)

▪ Multilingual operators are available.

▪ Persons who are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech disability and use a TTY may call 800- 462-7585. If you use 711 or VRS (Video Relay Service) or require accommodations while visiting a center, call 800-621-3362. Information on the registration process is available in ASL at:
▪ The toll-free numbers are open from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. Survivors will still be able to access auto - status via 621-FEMA and, of course, the mobile app and web 24/7.
You can use the Helpline to:
▪ Register with FEMA.
▪ Provide a change of address, telephone and bank account numbers and insurance information to avoid disaster assistance processing delays.

Lodging Reimbursement Eligiblility
Pennsylvanians who have registered with FEMA may be eligible for reimbursement if they paid out-of-pocket expenses for temporary lodging because of damage to their primary residences from recent flooding, severe storms, and tornadoes. Lodging expenses may be eligible for reimbursement if an applicant:
• registers with FEMA
• passes identity verification
• verifies occupancy in a primary residence within a designated county
• verifies that the primary residence is uninhabitable or inaccessible
• incurs disaster-related temporary lodging expenses (room plus taxes) between August 31, 2021 and the first 30 days after receiving FEMA rental assistance
• does not have insurance that would cover lodging; and
• did not receive lodging assistance from any source during the same time frame.
Reimbursement funds are available for eligible applicants under FEMA’s Individuals and Households Program. Survivors who are approved for lodging reimbursement must submit zero-balance receipts to FEMA to receive payment. Reimbursement will not cover incidental costs such as phone calls, laundry, internet, food, movies, or pet care.