Free Shredding Services

635 Illick's Mill Rd.
Bethlehem, PA 18017
Shredding Services Have Been Suspend Until Further Notice Due to Labor Shortage

Shredding of confidential documents is available FREE OF CHARGE to businesses and private individuals at the Theis/Cornfeld Recycling Center. The free services are open to any persons or businesses of the public; you do not need to be from Bethlehem. Everyone is welcome! 

Hours of Shredding


Copy sized paper boxes are measured at 11.5”w x 18”l x 9”h
  • 5 Copy sized paper boxes take 15 minutes
Bankers boxes are measured at 12.5”w x 25”l x 11”h (Bankers count a 2 copy boxes)
  • 2-2.5 Bankers boxes take 15 minutes
Materials MUST be in boxes or rigid containers! Bags are not permitted. Bags are not as secure as boxes and do not have hard handles for safe lifting. 


  • If you wish to DROP OFF the equivalent of 1 copy sized paper boxes you DO NOT NEED an appointment
  • If you wish to DROP OFF the equivalent of 2 or more copy sized paper boxes you MUST MAKE an appointment
  • If you wish to STAY AND WATCH while your material is shredded, you MUST MAKE an appointment regardless of how much material you have

We CANNOT shred the following:

  • Binder clips, metal strips, spiral bound notebooks, paper clips
  • Rubber bands
  • Heavy file folders (Pentaflex folder, accordion folders)
  • Glossy material (Pamphlets, brochures, inserts, postcards, greeting cards, magazine type paper)
  • Photographs or Negatives
  • X-Rays
  • Credit Cards or any plastic card (Rewards Cards, Bonus Cards, etc.)


**Any violation of the above stated rules could result in the rejection of your boxes until they are cleaned per the above rules. If your boxes have been dropped off you will be phoned to come back and retrieve your boxes until all the set forth rules are followed and your boxes are cleaned.**