Landlord Training

The City of Bethlehem partnered with a nationally known expert in the field of property management to conduct a landlord training seminar for city landlords and to develop a manual which will assist landlords in the operation of their properties.  

Chronic nuisance behavior can seriously harm the livability of residential neighborhoods. In addition, nuisance property conditions, such as property damage and chronically-deferred maintenance, can combine with illegal behavior to reduce the morale and vibrancy of a neighborhood.  Residents often forget that they themselves along with landlords have tremendous power over the basic health and safety of a community. These community members, whether landlords, tenants, or homeowners, remain the foundation that make it all work.
Responsible property management and ownership begins with the idea that it will benefit all of us. If the information given here is used responsibly, all of us — tenants, landlords, and owner-occupants alike — will enjoy safer, more stable neighborhoods.

Landlord Manual