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The City of Bethlehem is actively working with government agencies and businesses to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Please refer to the Bethlehem Health Bureau’s coronavirus page for the most current information, best practices, and resources.


Current Codes

The UCC adopts the following codes: 2015 with amendments 
  • The provisions of Chapters 2--29 and 31--35 of the "International Building Code."
  • The "ICC Electrical Code."
  • The "International Mechanical Code."
  • The "International Fuel Gas Code."
  • The "International Plumbing Code."
  • The "International Residential Code."
  • The "International Fire Code."
  • The "International Energy Conservation Code."
  • The "International Existing Building Code."
  • The "International Urban-Wildland Interface Code."
  • Appendix E of the "International Building Code."
  • Appendix H of the "International Building Code."
  • Appendix G of the "International Residential Code."