Local Services Tax (LST) Withholding

for Employers

Local Services Tax Withholding - All employers with work sites within the City of Bethlehem are required to withhold $52 ($1 per week) for Local Services Tax (LST) from their employees.

If an employee works for more than one employer, it their responsibility to furnish a current pay stub from another employer that shows LST being withheld. Otherwise LST must be withheld a second time. If an employee has had the tax withheld by more than one employer, they must file a request for a refund as an individual.

The City of Bethlehem uses a third party servicer for collection of  Local Services Tax.  LST tax withholdings for the City of Bethlehem  are collected and processed by:

Keystone Collections Group
e-File: https://business.keystonecollects.com
Phone: (724)-978-0328
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm