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1972 – Emergency Services became a part of the Bethlehem Fire Department to provide full-time Basic Life Support when a privately owned ambulance service ceased operations. There were no state regulations when the municipal service was established. The first ambulance operated out of the Central Fire Station. There were 1,200 calls for emergency medical care.

1980 – The service was upgraded from Basic Life Support to Advanced Life Support. Four full-time paramedics handled the calls with EMTs.

1983 – The name was changed to City of Bethlehem Emergency Medical Services under the auspices of Bethlehem Community and Economic Development and the Bethlehem Health Bureau. The service moved to the vacant Monocacy Fire Station on Prospect Avenue near 4th Avenue.

1985 – A second day shift was added to handle an increasing call volume.

1988 – EMS moved to 540 Stefko Blvd.

1991 – The service became 100% paramedic staffed.

1995 – Two Shift Supervisors added to the staff. A second middle shift was added to handle increasing call volume.

2001 – An Assistant EMS Director was added to handle increase in state mandated requirements and additional oversight.

2005 – A third day shift crew was added as call volume continued to rise.

2012 – Emergency Medical Services opens a second station at 201 Dewberry Ave. EMS Bike Team is formed for use at City festivals, 5k, 10k, and ½ Marathons.

2018 – Call volume nears 12,000. EMS now has representation on City of Bethlehem Police Emergency Response Team, Bomb Squad, HAZMAT Team.