Commend an Officer

If you would like to recognize an officer who has performed his/her duties in a manner that you think is exceptional and reflects favorably upon the officer and the Department, then we encourage you to take a moment and tell us about it. Such a positive and appreciative atmosphere improves officer morale and helps all members of the Department work harder to improve their individual performance and the quality of the services they provide to the public.
Please share with us your stories and experiences about Bethlehem’s finest.

Please include all the information you can remember such as the employee's name, the date, time, and circumstances of the outstanding service. The employee will be notified of your commendation as will his supervisors, and a copy will also be placed in his/her employee file.

Your experience can be shared in writing to:
Chief of Police
Bethlehem Police Department
10 E. Church St
Bethlehem PA 18018
Or can be emailed to: