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Patrol K9s Receive Donation of Safety Equipment

The Bethlehem Police Department’s Patrol K9s just got a little safer thanks to a donation from Protection4 Paws. Protection4Paws is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to raise money to supply K9 teams with needed safety items in the Tri-State area and beyond. Protection4Paws generously donated safety equipment to all three Bethlehem Police Patrol K9s.

Officer Thomas Rasich and his partner, K9 Hix, received an Ultimate K9 safety kit which consists of Hot-n-Pop Pro Heat alarm replacing an old heat alarm, an AceWatchDog kit, and a 10 inch fan kit. Officer Robby Hoppes and his partner, K9 Blaze, received an AceWatchDog kit and a 10 inch fan kit. Officer Paul Fischer and his partner, K9 Rico, also received an AceWatchDog kit and a 10 inch fan kit. The total cost of donated equipment is approximately $4,500.

The AceWatchDog kit provides the K9 Officers the ability to remotely check the status of their vehicle’s condition, specifically the temperature of their K9’s interior space along with engine status, on their smartphones when away from their vehicles. Another important ability of the new safety features is “No K9 Left Behind” that keeps the heat alarm system on until the Officer actually removes the K9 from the vehicle. When the Officer turns off the ignition, there is an audible and visual warning reminding them to remove the K9.

All of the new equipment will be installed into the Officers’ K9 vehicles and can be moved into newer vehicles as the K9 vehicle fleet is replaced. This generous donation of K9 safety equipment helps keep our K9s safe while they are help keep the citizens of Bethlehem safe. The Bethlehem Police Department would like to thank Protection4Paws for this amazing donation! Please visit their website,, for upcoming events and ways to donate and protect Police K9s throughout the Country.