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City Of Bethlehem Police Chief Retirement Announcement

September 4, 2020
Today I accepted the retirement letter of Bethlehem Chief of Police Mark DiLuzio.
His retirement is a result of the consequences of his recent re-posting of an offensive Facebook post. 
The United States is in the midst of a national discourse on important issues of systemic racism, police conduct and social injustice. The City has been actively engaged with citizens and groups to deal with these numerous and complex issues. Chief DiLuzio has been an important representative of the City in this effort. 
The credibility and effectiveness of leadership in government is always paramount. These are times when those qualities are critical to managing the numerous challenges we are facing.            
Chief DiLuzio has accepted that his standing in the community has been compromised. This has happened at a time when the citizens of Bethlehem justly expect the effectiveness of their Chief of Police to be beyond reproach.                
I, and many who know him, will not allow it to outweigh our appreciation for the Chief’s dedication and service to the City of Bethlehem for the over 30 years. 
Deputy Chief Scott Meixell will immediately assume the duties of interim Chief of Police.

Mayor Robert Donchez