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The City of Bethlehem is actively working with government agencies, hospitals, and businesses to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Please refer to the Bethlehem Health Bureau’s coronavirus page for the most current information, best practices, and resources.

City Hall will remain closed to the public until further notice. However, City Hall is operational and employees are available to assist residents via phone, email and website.


Small Business Emergency Relief Fund

Small Business Emergency Relief Fund Application - please download the application to your computer prior to completing

Small Business Emergency Relief Fund Application (Espanol)

The Small Business Emergency Relief Fund has been created to assist city businesses impacted by COVID 19 in maintaining their business and retaining jobs. Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding will be used to award 150 one-time grant awards of $2,000.  Awarded funds can be used for operational costs inclusive of rental assistance, payroll assistance, and utilities to allow businesses to ensure that their limited resources are sufficient to maintain their business and workforce.
CDBG is federal funding with specific eligibility criteria. To be eligible, businesses must be located in the City of Bethlehem and comply with CDBG guidelines. These requirements include meeting a CDBG National Objective.  Criteria includes activities benefitting low to moderate income persons, with a specific focus on the retention of low to moderate income jobs.  All businesses are encouraged to apply.
Additional Information –

  • To receive CDBG funding businesses must qualify based on the following criteria:
    •   Retaining jobs available to low to moderate income individuals.
      • If your business is funded, you will need to provide a written certification signed and dated by the employee/applicant indicating his/her family size and total income as necessary to determine whether the person is a member of a L/M income family at the time the certification is made. The certification may either show the actual size and income of the family or contain a statement that the annualized family income is below the Section 8 low-income limit for the applicable family size. The form must include a statement that the person making the certification is aware that the information being provided is subject to verification by the local or Federal government
  • To be eligible businesses must comply with all City of Bethlehem taxes, licensing and related ordinances.
***Please be advised *** CDBG funding cannot be used for expenses that have been (or will be) applied to other federal funding sources.  For example, if your business plans to utilize the Payroll Protection Program to cover payroll and rent expenses, those expenses cannot be applied to this program.

To Apply -      

Download the application to your device or computer.  (Save with your business name in the title of the document)

Please email completed applications to

Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have additional questions please email them to or call 610-419-1447.