Bethlehem Police - Job Application Process

We are an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin nor disability.

The City of Bethlehem will be accepting applications for the position of Police Officer beginning at 8:30 a.m., February 12, 2018 and ending at 3:00 p.m., March 23, 2018. Must submit Police Application and Civil Service Voucher via mail or in person to City of Bethlehem, Department of Human Resources, 10 E. Church St., Bethlehem, PA 18018. The Police Civil Service Entrance Examination will be conducted Saturday, April 28, 2018. Starting annual salary is $53,034.63.



  • Citizenship:  applicants must be a U.S. citizen and resident of the U.S. for at least five (5) years.  If the applicant is foreign born, naturalization papers must be provided.
  • Age:  applicants must have arrived at twenty-one (21) years of age at the time of the application deadline.  A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate is required at the time of application.
  • Education:  applicants must have an Associate’s Degree or a minimum of sixty (60) credits from not more than two (2) accredited institutions, colleges, or universities.  A diploma is required for all degrees received.  A transcript is required for all college/university programs.
    • The sixty (60) credit requirements may be waived if the applicant has fulfilled the requirements of the Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officers’ Training Act and have four thousand (4,000) active hours of experience as a Police Officer.
    • The sixty (60) credit requirement may be waived if the applicant has two (2) years active military service and has an honorable discharge from such service.  A “DD-214” is required for all military service.
  • Driver’s License:  all applicants must possess a valid Driver’s License at the time of application and appointment.
  • Character:  must be of a good reputation, moral character, and habits.
  • Application:  all applicants will be charged a $50.00 registration fee at the time of application.  This application fee is non-refundable.  Any willful misstatement, falsification or concealment in respect to an application shall render the same null and void.  Subject to the discretion of the Board, a person making such false application shall be prohibited from making any future application.  Applications cannot be accepted from persons who have been convicted of a misdemeanor crime or greater, or from former Police Officers removed for cause.
  • Vouchers:  applicant must secure two (2) persons to vouch for his/her character.  The persons may not be relatives of the applicant.  The vouchers should be well acquainted with the applicant and have known him/her for at least one (1) year.  The voucher must be signed by the applicant and notarized before submission to the Secretary of the Board.
  • Examination:  applicants are required to take and pass a written examination.  A notice of when and where to appear will be sent by the Secretary of the Civil Service Board.  Those ineligible will also be notified.  Any applicant failing to appear for the examination will be removed from the list of applicants.
  • Disqualifying Factors for Initial Employment:  No person shall be eligible for employment in the Police Department if the individual has engaged in any of the following conduct:
    • Failure to meet the general requirements of the position.
    • Dishonorable discharge from any branch of military service.
    • Lying or omission of information to a background investigator, polygraph operator or other Police Department employee, representative, or agent.
    • Intentional falsification or omission of information on the employment application, polygraph screening booklet, or any other document used in the selection process.
    • Cheating on any portion of any selection examination, or in any phase of the selection process.
    • Criminal conviction of a second degree misdemeanor or more serious criminal offense.
    • Criminal behavior, regardless of whether detected or prosecuted, as admitted by the applicant or established by competent evidence, of any felony (no time limit) or any first degree misdemeanor or more serious criminal offense (within five years of date of application).
    • Driving under the influence where the person has:
      • DUI conviction within five years of date of application.
      • Two or more DUIs (convictions or pending charges). 
      • Note:  “Conviction” includes a guilty plea, nolo contendere plea, verdict, acceptance of ARD or similar diversion disposition, negotiated plea to a lesser offense where chemical test result was .08% or greater and/or any chemical test refusal.
    • Manufacture, sale, delivery or distribution of any controlled substance.
    • Controlled substance use:
      • Marijuana/synthetic marijuana (K-2, Spice, etc.), or any medication prescribed to applicant and used for non-therapeutic purposes except where all of the following apply:
        • No more than 25 uses under age 25.
        • No use in three years preceding date of application.
        • No use at age 25 or older.
      • Schedule I, II, or III controlled substances (excluding those listed above), anabolic steroids (regardless of source or knowledge of legality), or huffing or intentional use of any chemical or substance (including glue, cleaning products, bath salts, etc.) for any purpose for which it was not intended except where all of the following apply:
        • No more than 3 uses under age 25.
        • No use in five years preceding date of application.
        • No use at age 25 or older.
      • Heroin, methamphetamine, LSD, or any injected controlled substance (excluding anabolic steroids).
  • Eligibility List:  at least once every two (2) years, the current eligibility list will be cancelled and new examinations will be conducted for an entirely new list.
  • Veterans:  any candidate who has completed at least two (2) years of active military duty or six years of reserve military service and have received an honorable discharge and who has successfully passed the Written Examination of the Civil Service Testing, shall have his/her score increased by ten (10) points.


Any questions regarding the application process may be directed to the City of Bethlehem Human Resources Department at


The Bethlehem Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer (E.O.E.)

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