Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division is comprised of two Bureaus, each led by a Lieutenant.

Criminal Investigations Bureau

The Criminal Investigations Bureau is comprised of a Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU) and the Forensic Services Unit (FSU).

Criminal Investigations Unit

The Criminal Investigations Unit is supervised by two Detective Sergeants who report directly to and are supervised by the Criminal Investigations Bureau Lieutenant. The CIU has a contingent of Detectives who report to these two Detective Sergeants. The CIU also includes a Court Liaison Officer, a Crime Prevention Officer, and other Detectives serving as members of county, federal, or other inter-agency task forces. CIU is also responsible for the Property and Evidence Room for the entire Police Department. The property and Evidence Room is run by a Police Officer whose primary duty is to secure, store and inventory all evidence needed for Court purposes and property found in the City.

Forensic Services Unit

The Forensic Services Unit (FSU) is responsible for crime scene processing and photography, evidence preservation and processing, fingerprint analysis and maintaining and operating our criminal booking equipment. FSU is staffed by a Detective Sergeant and 3 Detectives who all have specialized training and skills in crime forensics.

Special Operations Bureau

The Special Operations Bureau is comprised of the Vice/Intelligence Unit, the School Resource Officers (SRO) the Bethlehem Housing Authority (BHA) Unit, and the Street Crimes Unit (SCU). The Vice/Intelligence Unit has a contingent of Detectives who report to and are supervised by the Vice/Intelligence Detective Sergeant and are responsible for the primary investigation of any major crimes involving drug activity.

The BHA Unit is a unit led by a Sergeant with four officers responsible for police services on the Housing Authorities properties in the City. They work in uniform and plainclothes, on bikes and in vehicles.

The Street Crimes Unit is led by a Sergeant with five officers. These officers work closely with Vice/Intelligence, BHA and the Detectives to actively seek out wanted persons, gain information on criminal activity through aggressive enforcement and work closely with citizens by attending monthly neighborhood block watch meetings. These officers are both uniformed and plainclothes. They are deployed in marked police cars, unmarked cars and bicycles for their duties.

Our School Resource Officers are assigned to Liberty High School (2), Nitschmann Middle School, East Hills Middle School, North East Middle School, and Broughal Middle School. These officers are responsible for maintaining order, investigating offenses, providing counseling to students, and working in partnership with the Bethlehem Area School District to insure the safety of students and staff.