Planning & Zoning

Notice is hereby given that the ZONING HEARING BOARD will have a meeting
City Hall (Rotunda) 10 E. Church Street, Bethlehem, PA, on
Wednesday, April 27, 2016 @ 6 PM
for the purpose of hearing the following appeals.



1. 540 Broadway
Appeal of Daniel Colon Carrillo for a Special Exception and Dimensional Variance to change one non-conforming use (barber shop) to another non-conforming use (grocery store).  In addition, the applicant requests a variance to the off-street parking requirement.  Required:  2 additional spaces; proposed:  0.
Record Lot:  20’ X 120’                                                                                              RT – Residential Zoning District

2. 2 W. Market Street/511 N. New Street
Appeal of Morning Star Partners, LLC, for a Special Exception to change from one non-conforming use (three residential/two commercial) to another non-conforming use (one residential/one commercial). In the alternative, the applicant is requesting a Use Variance to convert the existing house into a financial services office and change the two retail spaces into office use.  
Record Lot: 72’ X 117’ irr.                                                                             RT – Residential Zoning District




    Zoning Officer