Planning & Zoning


Notice is hereby given that the ZONING HEARING BOARD will have a meeting

City Hall (Rotunda)

10 E. Church Street, Bethlehem, PA, on

WEDNESDAY, february 24, 2016 at 6 PM

for the purpose of hearing the following appeals


  1.   64 W. Spruce Street
    Appeal of Nicholas Bozakis for a Special Exception and Dimensional Variance to change an existing non-conforming use (one residential unit and five commercial garages) to another non-conforming use (two residential units). The applicant is also seeking relief for the total lot area: required: 6,000 sq.ft.; proposed: 3,535 sq.ft. and for the lot area per dwelling unit: required: 3,000 sq.ft.; proposed: 1,767.5 sq.ft.
    Record Lot: 30’ X 82’ RT – Residential Zoning District

  2.   2116 Coke Works Road
    Appeal of Nicholas and Despina Kotastos for a Special Exception to convert the existing non-conforming use (three residential units and one restaurant) to another non-conforming use (four residential units and two commercial  units, one being an office). The applicant also is requesting a Dimensional Variance for lot area.  Additional required:  3,000 sq.ft.; proposed additional:  0 sq.ft.
    Record Lot:  40’ X 110’                                                                                              RT – Residential Zoning District

  3.   418 E. 5th Street
    Appeal of Webster Street Holdings, LLC for Dimensional Variances to convert the property from a single family dwelling into a multi-family dwelling (3 units). The applicant is proposing to establish two units in the existing residence and to convert the second floor of the existing garage into one unit. The applicant seeks relief to the following: Lot area: required: 9,000 sq.ft.; proposed: 7,200 sq.ft.; Lot area per dwelling unit: required: 2,500 sq.ft.; proposed: 2,400 sq.ft.; lot width: required: 90’; proposed: 40’. Rear setback for 3rd unit required: 20’; proposed: 5’; Side setback for 3rd unit required: 4’; proposed 1.7’.
    Record Lot: 40’ X 180’ RT – Residential Zoning District

  4.   505 16th Avenue
    Applicant Charles Tommor appeals the Enforcement Notice of the Zoning Officer, dated November 30, 2015, requiring the applicant to pave the third parking space on his property.
    Record Lot: 68’ X 150’ irr. RS – Residential Zoning District

  5.   818-820 Evans Street
    Appeal of Juan Gonzalez for a Use Variance to establish an Auto-Repair Garage in accordance with the 12/7/00 Zoning decision in addition to the conversion fo the current dwelling into a two-unit dwelling. The previous auto repair garage was damaged by fire and ceased operation in 2006.
    Record Lot: 9,530 Sq.Ft. RT – Residential Zoning District                                                                                      RT – Residential Zoning District

Zoning Officer