Planning & Zoning


Notice is hereby given that the ZONING HEARING BOARD will have a meeting in
TOWN HALL, 10 E. CHURCH STREET Tuesday, August 28, 2012 at 7:00 PM
for the purpose of hearing the following appeals.


1. 325 W. Broad Street
Appeal of Novak Broad Street Ventures, LLC for Variances to construct a 17,040 sq.ft. medical office building and parking lot. The applicant is requesting variances for: Article 1306, maximum impervious coverage. Existing: 100%; Allowed: 90%; Proposed: 95.68%. Article 1319.03 h and 1318.23 to request a variance from the 2’ buffer yard. The applicant is proposing to erect a privacy fence but is requesting the elimination of the 2’ planting area along Schaffer Street. Article 1319.04.a for relief of constructing one off-street loading space. Article 1319.03.a.1 to allow nine compact car parking spaces in a parking lot with 38 parking spaces (required: 40 total parking spaces needed to request 20% or 8; proposed: 38 total spaces and requesting 9 compact spaces). [Articles 1306, 1311.08.b, 1318.06.a, 1319.03.h, 1318.23, 1319.04.a and 1319.03.a.1.]
Record Lot – 18,063 Sq. Ft. CL – Commercial Zoning District

2. 532 4th Avenue
Appeal of Novak Broad Street Ventures, LLC for Variances to upgrade an existing parking lot into an employee parking lot for 325 W. Broad Street. The applicant is requesting variances for: Article 1318.06.a to allow two parking spaces to encroach into the 8’ clear sight triangles at the exit. Article 1319.03.h and 1318.23 for relief of having a 2’planting area in front of a fence along the residential property on the south lot line and to eliminate the fencing requirement, including any 2’ buffer plantings, along Hanover Street and 4th Avenue. [Articles 1318.06.a, 1319.03.h and 1318.23.a.1].
Record Lot – 9,512.78 Sq. Ft. RT – Residential Zoning District

3. 476 N. New Street
Appeal of John Brew for 262 Paradice Found LLC for a Special Exception to convert a corner property in the RT Zoning District to establish Professional Offices on the property. [Article 1304.04]
Record Lot – 56’ x 100’ irreg. RT– Residential Zoning District

4. 902-910 E. 4th Street
Appeal of MM Consultants, LLC for a Use Variance to convert the previous rectory into administrative offices for use by the Lehigh Valley Community Mental Health Centers, Inc. [LVCHMC] The applicant is also requesting a variance to use the previous church basement as a training facility for LVCHMC. There are no mental health services proposed for the premises. [Article 1304.01]
Record Lot – 240’ x 180’ RT – Residential Zoning District

5. 2705 Lafayette Street
Appeal of Richard and Elizabeth Elterich for a Special Exception to increase a non-conforming structure to continue the existing five (5’) foot side yard setback for an addition to their residence instead of the required eight (8’) foot setback. Article1324.04.a.1.
Record Lot – 77’ X 119’ Irreg RS – Residential Zoning District