Planning & Zoning


Notice is hereby given that the ZONING HEARING BOARD will have a meeting in Second Floor “Laros” Room In the Public Library Wednesday April 25th, 2012 at 7:00 PM for the purpose of hearing the following appeals.


1. 1935 W. Broad Street
Appeal of Barrett Ladd for a Special Exception to change a non-conforming use (ceramic shop) to another non-conforming use (satellite office for the Coalition for Appropriate Transportation). If granted, the new lessee will use the premises as an office, as a drop-off center for light bicycle maintenance as well as for classes on minor bicycle repair. [Articles 1323.07 and 1325.07]
Record Lot –19’ X 107’ irreg. RM – Residential Zoning District

2. 816 Meade Street
Appeal of Douglas Miller and Craig Miller for dimensional variances to subdivide the lot into two lots with Lot 1 proposed for a two- family dwelling and Lot 2 having an existing single family dwelling. The Applicants are seeking variances to allow the subdivision and construction on steep slopes with Lot 1 containing insufficient lot area [minimum lot area required: 1.0 acre; proposed lot area: 5,952.8 sq. ft.]. The applicants are also seeking variances to increase the maximum impervious coverage on Lot 1 [maximum allowed: 25%; proposed: 56.7%], and a variance to the minimum lot depth for both lots [required: 100 ft.; proposed: 79.37’]. [Articles 1318.29.c.1 and Article 1308.03, Table A-2]
Record Lot – 140’ X 79.37’ RM – Residential Zoning District

3. 639 Broadway
Appeal of Yasin Kacak for a Variance to the off-street parking requirements to establish a Boarding House for ex-prisoners. Article 1319.01.a.5 requires 4 off street parking spaces; applicant proposes 0.
Record Lot – 30’ x 68’ irreg. RM – Residential Zoning District

4. 215 E. 5th Street
Appeal of Joseph D’Ambrosio for several variances to construct an additional single family attached dwelling on a lot with an existing single family attached (end of row) dwelling unit. The new dwelling is proposed to be the end of a row of nine (9) single family attached dwellings. The proposed additional dwelling unit is an expansion of a non-conforming building resulting in insufficient side yard and exceeding maximum number of attached dwellings in a row [Article 1323.04.c; Article 1308.03, Table A-2, required side yard: 20’, existing: 17.2’, proposed: 4’; Table A-4, Footnote 11: maximum attached dwellings permitted: 8; proposed: 9. [Articles 1308.03, 1323.04.c, Table A-4]
Record Lot – 40’ x 181’ irreg. RM-Residential Zoning District