Planning & Zoning



Notice is hereby given that the ZONING HEARING BOARD will have a meeting in
TOWN HALL, 10 E. Church Street, Bethlehem, PA, on
Wednesday August 24, 2011 at 7:00 PM
for the purpose of hearing the following appeals.

1. 2133 W. Broad Street
Appeal of owner Monica Cruz for a Special Exception to operate a Family Day Care at her residence. [Articles 1307.02(c)(1), 1306.02(c)(4), and 1325.07]
Continued from July 27, 2011.
Record Lot – 49’ x 140’ RM – Residential Zoning District

2. 619 Linden Street
Appeal of equitable owner Maria Gaspar for a dimensional variance concerning lot area per dwelling unit.
Currently there are three dwelling units and one commercial unit; the applicant is proposing to convert the commercial unit to residential for a total of four dwelling units. Required area per dwelling unit – 2,000 SF; proposed 1,555 SF. [Articles 1311.02(a)(1) and Table A-3]
Record Lot – 6,220 sq. ft. CG – Commercial General District

3. 450 Montclair Ave.
Appeal of owner Hyoungjoon Park requesting conversion of a single family residence to a three-unit multi-family dwelling. Dimensional variances are requested as follows: Lot area required 6,000 SF, provided 2,461 SF (244% var.); Side yard required 20’, proposed 5’ (400% var.); parking required 6 spaces, proposed 4 spaces; parking stall depth required 19’, proposed 18’. In addition, conversions require Special Exception approval. [Articles 1308.02(c)(1), Table A-2, 1325.08 (b)(3), 1319.01(a)(1)(ii), 1319.03(a)(2)]
Record Lot 25’ x 105’ RM – Residential Zoning District

4. 1022 Hellertown Road
Appeal of lessee Adams Outdoor Advertising for change of a one-sided 268 SF nonconforming billboard to a two-sided nonconforming LED electronic billboard. Each side of the proposed billboard is 286 SF. The applicant is challenging the Zoning Officer’s determination that the proposed billboard is more nonconforming than the current one-sided nonconforming billboard. In the alternative, the applicant requests the necessary variances for the proposed billboard: permitted 117.5 SF, proposed 572 SF; and relief from setback: permitted 20’, proposed 8’ [Articles 1323.07(a),(b) & (c)(4), 1325.07, 1320.07(d), 1316.03, Table A-4 and Note #8; 1320.10(a)(2)(ii).].
Record Lot – 1.7 ac. LI – Light Industrial District

5. 425-29 N. New Street
Appeal of owner Kemmerer Museum of Decorative Arts for expansion of an existing nonconforming structure. The addition constructed in 1991 and the proposed addition total 50% of the existing floor area, which is the limit of expansion. A dimensional variance is requested for building coverage – required 35%, proposed 39%. In addition, a variance is requested for off-street parking spaces for the new building floor area of 3,400SF – required 14,
proposed 0. [Articles 1307.03, 1318.01-Table A-2, 1319.01(a)(13), 1323.04(a)(1)]
Record Lot – 17,702 SF RT – Residential Zoning District

6. 409-411 Wyandotte Street
Appeal of owner Sycamore Hill Farm Development, LLC, for a dimensional variance to parking requirements. The former bar/rooming house / teenage alternative gathering spot will be combined into one redevelopment project, and the applicant is requesting to be credited for the 31 “grandfathered” spaces and is further requesting a variance for 11 spaces to allow the bar/restaurant and two apartment units proposed. [Articles 1319.01(a)(1), 1319.01(a)(20), 1319.02(g)]
Total (2) lot area – 45’ x 105’ CG – Commercial General