Planning & Zoning



Notice is hereby given that the ZONING HEARING BOARD will have a meeting in Town Hall, 10 E. Church Street, Bethlehem, PA, on Wednesday, April 23, 2008 at 7:00 PM, for the purpose of hearing the following appeals.

1. 1801 Elliot Avenue
Appeal of Elliot Avenue, LLC for an interpretation of the Development Standards for steep slopes, to determine that the existing slopes greater than 15% of the property have been altered and man-made, and a reasonable estimate of the natural slope is less than 15% to permit the land development. (Articles 1325.05, 1318.29, 1318.29.b.3)
Record Lot – 2.24 acres RG – Residential Zoning District

2. 1841 Millard Street
Appeal of Henry S. Baird and Raymond L. Herbort for a dimensional variance from the front yard setback to construct an enclosed porch vestibule, 9’2” in length x 12’8” wide. (Required setback – 30’, proposed – 20’10”, Articles 1305.02.a, 1305.03, 1318.01, Table A-1, 1325.06)
Record Lot – .3557 acres RS – Residential Zoning District

3. 2255 City Line Road
Appeal of ZEEMMA, LP for a dimensional variance from the parking design standards to create a parking area within 10’ from the property line. (Required setback – 10’, proposed – 0’. Articles 1315.02.a, 1315.04, 1319.03.f, 1325.06)
Record Lot – 4.68 Acres PI – Planned Industrial Zoning District

4. 532 Brodhead Ave.
Appeal of Lehigh University for a special exception to change an existing lawful non-conforming dormitory to an institutional office. Also, the applicant seeks a variance from the off-street parking requirements. (Required off-street parking – 11 spaces, credited spaces – 6, 5 spaces needed. Articles 1308.02.a, 1323.07, 1319.01.a.7 and 1319.01.a.18, 1325.07, 1325.06)
Record Lot – 73’ x 109’ irregular RM – Residential Zoning District

5. 1349 Lynn Avenue
Appeal of EcoTech Marine, LLC for a special exception to reduce an existing lawn care/cleaning business operation in a building and add a light manufacturing with office area. The new business office will involve the assembly of small water pumps for aquariums and pedicure spas, packaging and distribution. (Articles 1308.02.a, 1323.07., 1325.07)
Record Lot – 1.16 acres RM – Residential Zoning District

6. 1849 Stefko Boulevard
Appeal of Valley Wide Signs for a variance to install an individual second sign on an existing pylon. (Articles 1311.02.a, 1311.05, 1320.09.a.3.VII, 1325.06)
Record Lot -- .6208 acres CG – Commercial Zoning District

7. 541 Pembroke Road
Appeal of Robert S. Gombosi, sr. and Marc Gombosi to challenge the Cease and Desist Order by asking for an interpretation on whether the towing business with storage of accident and other recovery vehicles is an accessory use or a special exception to expand the existing lawful non-conforming auto sales business. In the alternative, the applicant requests a variance to maintain the towing service as a second business on the property. (Articles 1307.02.a, 1325.05, 1323.04, 1325.07, 1325.06)
Record Lot – 162’ x 141’ irregular RT – Residential Zoning District

All persons interested or those desiring to protest against the allowance thereof may appear and be heard. Plans for the above appeals are on file for public inspection in the Zoning Office, 10 E. Church Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania during regular business hours: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM weekdays.