Planning & Zoning



Notice is hereby given that the ZONING HEARING BOARD will have a meeting in Town Hall, 10 E. Church Street, Bethlehem, PA, on Wednesday, March 26, 2008 at 7:00 PM, for the purpose of hearing the following appeals.


1. 501 William Street
Appeal of Nuevo Amanecer Church of the Brethren for a special exception to construct a church parking lot.
(Articles 1308.02.c.1 refers to 1304.c.2, 1319.03, 1325.07)
10,479 square feet RM – Residential Zoning District

2. 2028 Sycamore Street
Appeal of Allan and Mary Jean Cole for a dimensional variance from the maximum lot coverage requirements to construct a kitchen addition and screened in porch on a single family detached dwelling. (Maximum allowable lot coverage – 25%, proposed – 27.03%; Articles 1325.05, 1305.02.a.1 refers to 1304.02.a.1, 1305.03, 1318.01, Table A-1, 1325.06)
Record Lot – 9,416 square feet RS – Residential Zoning District

3. 321-337 Rauch Street
Appeal of Dexter B. and Linda M. Silimperi for a dimensional variance from the required lot area per dwelling unit to convert the existing legal non-conforming retail furniture area to two apartments in a currently mixed (1) commercial/(8) residential unit building. The proposed use will be a 10 unit apartment building without commercial use. (Required lot area per dwelling unit – 2,000 square feet, proposed – 1,806.4 square feet, Articles 1308.02.b refers to 1305.02.b.2, 1322.04.f, 1308.03, 1318.01, Table A-2, 1325.06)
Record Lot – 18,064 square feet RM – Residential Zoning District

4. 603 First Street
Appeal of Sands Bethworks Gaming, LLC for a dimensional variance from the parking design standards for stall lengths in a proposed new parking garage. (Required stall dimensions – 9’ x 19’, proposed – 9’ x 18’, Articles 1317A.03.a.49, 1317A.05, 1319.03.a.2, 1325.06)
Record Lot – 90.99 acres IR – Industrial Redevelopment Zoning District

5. 210-212 Schaffer Street
Appeal of Alexander G. Hahalis for dimensional variances from the minimum yard requirement to subdivide an existing legal non-conforming lot currently having a two-family dwelling into two separate lots. Each lot will have one semi-detached dwelling. (Required lot area per dwelling unit – 2,000 square feet, proposed – lot 1 – 952 square feet, lot 2 – 1,048 square feet. Articles 1311.02.a.1, 1311.03, 1318.01, Table A-3, 1325.06)
Record Lot – 2,000 square feet CG – Commercial Zoning District

6. 217 – 231 E. Third Street
Appeal of L & L Investment Co, LLC for a dimensional variance from the traffic visibility across corners for a loading area entry/exit required for a proposed 3-story office building. (Required sight triangle – 8’, proposed – 0’. Articles 1310.02, 1310.02a, 1310.04.c, 1318.06, 1319.04, 1319.05 1325.06)
Record Lot – 21,073 square feet CB – Commercial Zoning District

All persons interested or those desiring to protest against the allowance thereof may appear and be heard. Plans for the above appeals are on file for public inspection in the Zoning Office, 10 E. Church Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania during regular business hours: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM weekdays.