Planning & Zoning



Notice is hereby given that the ZONING HEARING BOARD will have a meeting in Town Hall, 10 E. Church Street, Bethlehem, PA, on Wednesday, February 27, 2008 at 7:00 PM, for the purpose of hearing the following appeals.


1. 238 W. Goepp Street
900 Silk Mill Road
Appeal of Silk Mill Realty, LLC for dimensional variances pertaining to first: the construction of the 21 condominiums, and second: the off-street parking for the condominiums and apartments. (Required side and rear yard setbacks for the northern five-unit condominium building – 15’, proposed – 13’ side yard and 10’ rear yard. Required minimum width of aisle for 90? parking and one-way traffic – 20’, proposed – 16’. Required separation between parking area and property line – 10’, proposed – 5’. Required separation between the building and the parking and drive aisles – 15’, proposed 4’ to 15’, exceeding the 40 vehicle parking area without the 6’ wide planting strip, proposed – no planting strip for 99 spaces. Articles 1308.02.b, 1307.02.b refers to 1322.04.f, 1318.01, 1319.03.a.3, 1319.03.f, 1322.04.f.5.I, 1322.f.5.II, 1322.04.f.7.II, 1325.06)
Record Lot – 3.21 acres RM/RT Residential Zoning Districts

2. 902 E. Macada Road
Appeal of Wendy Lorrah George for a use variance to have a day care center in a church building. (Articles 1304.02, 1325.06)
Record Lot – 58,000 square feet – 1.33 acres RR – Residential Zoning District

3. 1300 Eaton Avenue
Appeal of Central Assembly of God Church for a variance to extend the use of the modular buildings an additional 16 months (to August, 2009), and a special exception and a variance from the maximum height requirement to construct a 12,500 square foot basement/main floor addition. (Maximum allowable height – 35’, proposed – 36’. Articles 1306.02.c.1 refers1304.02.c.2, 1306.03, 1318.01, Table A-1, 1325.07, 1325.06)
Record Lot – 112,572 square feet RG – Residential Zoning District

4. 300 Hobart Street
Appeal of Digna Collazo and Angel Mulero for a special exception to operate a day care center and a variance from the off-street parking requirements. (Required parking – 6 spaces, proposed – 3 spaces. Articles 1308.02.C.1 refers to 1306.02.c.4, 1319.01.a.27, 1325.07, 1325.06)
Record Lot – 24’ x 80’ RM – Residential Zoning District

5. 617 E. Fourth Street
Appeal of St. John’s Windish Evangelical Lutheran Church for dimensional variances from the required lot depth to create a two lot subdivision from an existing lot, which has two single family detached dwellings. Each of the proposed two lots will have an existing single family home. (Required lot depth – 100’, proposed – Lot 1 on Evans Street – 52’, Lot 2 on E. Fourth Street – 58’. Articles 1302.53.d, 1311.02.a.1, 1311.03, 1318.01, Table A-3, Width* Footnote 3, 1325.06)
Record Lot – 0.1143 acres CG – Commercial Zoning District

All persons interested or those desiring to protest against the allowance thereof may appear and be heard. Plans for the above appeals are on file for public inspection in the Zoning Office, 10 E. Church Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania during regular business hours: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM weekdays.