Planning & Zoning



Notice is hereby given that the ZONING HEARING BOARD will meet in Town Hall 10 E. Church Street, Bethlehem, PA, on Wednesday, September 28, 2005 at 7:00 PM, for the purpose of hearing the following appeals.


1. 557-559 E. Broad Street
Appeal of El Shaddai Bethlehem Ministries for a variance from the off-street parking requirements to add a restaurant use on the property with 4 existing apartments. (Articles 1319.02.g., 1325.06, required spaces – 29, existing spaces – 12, spaces proposed on another lot: 17) Continued from August 24, 2005
Record Lot--170’ x 80’ Irregular CG- Commercial Zoning District

2. 1220 Prospect Avenue
Appeal of Holy Family Residential Services for a special exception and variances to expand a lawful non-conforming assisted living/convalescent home facility and a variance to permit 2 parking spaces within the 25’ traffic visibility sight triangle. (Articles 1323.04.c, 1305.03, 1318.01, Table A-1, 1318.06.a, 1325.06, 1325.07; allowable expansion – 50%, proposed – 139%; allowable building coverage – 25%, proposed – 27.96%) Continued from September 7, 2005
Record Lot – 1.02 acres RS – Residential Zoning District

3. 574-578 Main Street
Appeal of 574 Main Street Development, LLP for a variance to restore a non-conforming structure to its former stature. The building exceeds 80% of the allowable lot coverage, and was damaged by fire to the extent of more than 60% of its fair market value. (Articles 1323.05, 1325.06)
Record Lot – 2,384.5 Square Feet CB – Commercial Zoning District

4. 3516 Linden Street
Appeal of Kenneth Abboud for a use variance to change a single family dwelling with a (resident) professional home office to a single family dwelling with a commercial (non-resident) accounting office. (Article 1325.06)
Lot Size – 76’x 153’ Irregular RS – Residential Zoning District

All persons interested or those desiring to protest against the allowance thereof may appear and be heard. Plans for the above appeals are on file for public inspection in the Zoning Office, 10 E. Church Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania during regular business hours: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM weekdays.