Planning & Zoning


Notice is hereby given that the ZONING HEARING BOARD will meet in the TOWN HALL, 10 East Church Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Wednesday, June 23, 2004 at 7:00 P.M., for the purpose of hearing the following appeals.


1. 700 Block of Evans Street
Appeal of CSC Development, LLC for dimensional variances to allow a 20-unit townhouse development. Article 1308.3 and Table A-2, footnote 3, requires a 100 foot lot depth (90.92 feet to 99 feet proposed for Lots 13 – 20); 20 foot side yard setbacks (7.26 to 17.59 feet proposed for Lots 4, 5, 8, 9, 12, 13, 16, 17 and 20); and 20 foot rear yard setbacks (13 to 19.55 feet proposed for Lots 15 – 20).
Record Lot – 1.22 Acres R-M Residential Zoning District

2. 1037 Main Street
Appeal of William and Joan Tomino challenging the Cease and Desist Order and interpretation of the Zoning Officer that a delicatessen delivery service after store hours is an expansion of a lawful non-conforming use.
Record Lot – 88’ x 144’ R-M Residential Zoning District

3. 3144 Linden Street
Appeal of Concordia Lutheran Church as the Equitable Owner of the proper requesting a Special Exception to use the building (formerly a rehabilitation school) for a church program facility and school under the provisions of Article 1323.07, and Article 1305.02(c)(1) which refers to 1304.02(c)(1) and (2).
Record Lot – 4.50 acres R-S Residential Zoning District

4. E. 9th Street & Mountain Drive
Appeal of Brett Lewis to construct a single-family dwelling. Variances are requested from Article 1318.29 (construction on steep slopes) for the minimum lot area for slopes over 25% and up to 35% within the construction area, 4 acres required, proposed - 0.48 acres; and the 10% maximum impervious coverage permitted on the lot, proposed – 31%. Relief is also needed from Article 1318.01 and Table A-1 for the required front setback of 30’ (8.16’ proposed) and the required rear setback of 35’ (proposed 27.05’).
Record Lot – 20,803 Sq. Ft. R-S Residential Zoning District

5. 1135 Stefko Boulevard
Appeal of Lynn Albarell for a Special Exception pursuant to Article 1323.07 and 1325.07 to change from a lawful non-conforming use (retail sales – medical supplies) to another non-conforming use (retail mortgage broker with related legal services).
Record Lot – 0.43 acres R-T Residential Zoning District
All persons interested or those desiring to protest against the allowance thereof may appear and be heard. Plans for above appeals are on file for public inspection in the Zoning Office, 10 East Church Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, during regular business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays.

John R. Lezoche