1314.01 Purpose

The purpose of this zoning district is to provide for large-scale integrally planned and designed office facilities, research and similar uses including testing and experimental laboratories and their necessary accessory facilities.

1314.02 Use Regulations

A building may be erected or used and a lot may be used or occupied for any of the following purposes, and no other, subject to the applicable provisions of Article 1318, "General Regulations", and other applicable provisions of this and other City Ordinances.

(a) The following uses are permitted by right:

(1) Laboratory and appurtenant structures.

(2) Building for lecture rooms and offices in connection therewith.

(3) Library.

(4) Structure erected for experimental or testing purposes.

(5) Pilot plant and appurtenant structures.

(6) Warehouse and storage facilities appurtenant to the foregoing.

(7) Garage for movable equipment, trucks and cars operated in connection with the foregoing.

(8) Living quarters for personnel and their families.

(9) Catering, cafeteria and restaurant equipment and facilities.

(10) Experimental agricultural operation and the buildings necessary therefor.

(11) Commercial Communication Towers and Antennas.
[See Section 1318.28A]

(b) The following uses and their customary accessory use may be permitted following a review and recommendation by the City Planning Commission in accord with the provisions of Article 1322:

(1) Planned office commercial development.

(c) None of the permitted uses for this district require approval by special exception from the Zoning Hearing Board.
(d) Accessory uses customary with and incidental to any aforesaid use in this Article are permitted unless otherwise excluded by these regulations.

1314.03 Area, Yard and Building Regulations

(See Article 1318).

1314.04 Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations

(See Article 1319).

1314.05 Sign Regulations

(See Article 1320).

1314.06 Site Plan Review Requirements

(See Article 1321).