1313.01 Purpose
1313.02 Use Regulations
1313.03 Area, Yard, and Building Regulations
1313.04 Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations
1313.05 Sign Regulations
1313.06 Site Plan Review Requirements

1313.01 Purpose

The purpose of this zoning district is to encourage and ensure the development of modern, well-planned, integrated community shopping centers, in appropriate locations and, on large tract sizes, to provide for a variety of compatible business and related uses including office buildings and apartments. The district regulations require that the district be developed as a group of properly related business and compatible facilities comprising a single architectural scheme with appropriate landscaping, off-street parking, screening and vehicular access. This district shall be developed only in accordance with the provisions relating to site plan review in Article 1321.

1313.02 Use Regulations

A building or group of buildings may be erected or used, and a lot may be used or occupied for any of the following purposes, and no other, subject to the applicable provisions of Article 1318, "General Regulations", the conditional approval regulations as stated in Articles 1321 and 1322, and other applicable provisions of this and other City Ordinances.

(a) The following uses are permitted following City Planning Commission approval:

(1) Retail and personal service use.

(2) Bank, Saving and Loan Association.

(3) Office, agency or studio.

(4) Restaurant and drive-in restaurant.

(5) Community center, library and child day care center.

(6) Theater, meeting hall and recreation establishment.

(7) Service stations.

(8) Kennel, pet shop and veterinary establishment.

(9) Car wash.

(10) Motor vehicle sales and service agency.

(11) Electric substation and utility lines.

(12) Business, trade, or dance school or similar use.

[Section 1313.02(a)(12) was amended by Ordinance No. 4266 on August 4, 2004]

(13) Hotel and motel are also permitted when they are located within a total Shopping Center District not less than ten (10) acres in size and not separated by a street, provided that said uses are clearly designed to constitute a logical and harmonious element of the overall plan for the district. All permitted uses and overall development of the tract shall be approved in accordance with the provisions of Article 1321, site plan review.

Hotels shall be permitted an increased maximum height totaling four (4) stories and sixty-five (65) feet provided that the building is at least seventy-five (75) feet from a public street and at least five hundred (500) feet from the nearest residential lot line. Otherwise, the permitted maximum height for a hotel is four (4) stories and forty-five (45) feet. In either case, the first ten (10) feet within the setback abutting said public street or residential property shall be planted with grass seed, ground cover, or other approved planting material.

[Section 1313.02(a)(13) was amended by Ordinance No. 4266 on August 4, 2004]

(14) Commercial Communication Towers and Antennas.
[See Section 13.18.28A]

(15) B.Y.O.B. [added by Ordinance #3958, July 1999].

(16) Multiple family dwellings designed as a single architectural project or unit, shall constitute a logical permitted transitional use only in locations where residential zoning districts exist adjacent to the Shopping Center district boundary, and provided that the area devoted to apartments shall in no case be greater than ten (10) percent of the total area of the Shopping Center district in which it is located.

[Section 1313.02(a)(16) was added by Ordinance No. 4266 on August 4, 2004]

(b) Accessory uses customarily with and incidental to any aforesaid use in this Article may be permitted by the City Planning Commission unless otherwise excluded by these regulations.

1313.03 Area, Yard, and Building Regulations

(See Article 1318).

1313.04 Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations

(See Article 1319).

1313.05 Sign Regulations

(See Article 1320).

1313.06 Site Plan Review Requirements

(See Article 1321).