1308A.01 Purpose

The purpose of this zoning district is to provide an area for a planned residential development for persons of retirement age including communal dining, recreation, open space, parking and related facilities. Ancillary health care facilities shall also be provided for the primary use of the residents of the complex.

1308A.02 Use Regulations

A building or group of buildings may be erected or use, and a lot may be used or occupied for any of the following purposes, and no other, subject to the applicable provisions of Article 1318, "General Regulations", the conditional approval regulations as stated in Articles 1321 and 1322, and other applicable provisions of this and other City Ordinances.

(a) The following uses are permitted following site plan review and approval by the City Planning Commission:

(1) Multi-family dwelling units.

(2) Health care facility.

(3) Open space.

(4) Community building, including dining and recreational facilities, and the sale of food and drugs.

(b) The following uses and their customary accessory uses when authorized as a special exception by the Zoning Hearing Board may be permitted, subject also to the provisions of Article 1325.

(1) Residential Treatment Facility. [See Sections 1325.08(j) and (k)].

1308A.03 Area, Yard and Building Regulations

(See Article 1318).

1308A.04 Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations

(See Article 1319).

1308A.05 Sign Regulations

(See Article 1320).

1308A.06 Site Plan Review Requirements

(See Article 1321).