Moving of Household Goods

309.01 Permit Required.                                         
309.02 Permit Application.                                     
309.03 Permit Fee.
309.99 Penalty.


Power to license - See 3rd Class §2601 (53 P.S. §37601)
City Treasurer - See ADM. Art. 109
Business licenses and permits generally - See BUS. REG. Art. 303


No person shall move, or cause to be moved, from any place within the City to another place therein, or place beyond the limits thereof, or from a place outside the City to within the City any household goods in bulk, without first securing from the City Treasurer a permit for such moving or transportation. (Ord. 1271. Passed 12/15/53; Ord. 3388. Passed 12/18/90.)


Any person desiring such a permit for the removal or transportation of household goods in the manner above described shall make application to the City Treasurer setting forth his name and address, the names of the owners or reputed owners of the property to be moved, the address and location from which the property is to be removed and the new address or location of the place to which the property is to be removed. (Ord. 1271 §2. Passed 12/15/53.)

309.03    PERMIT FEE.

The City Treasurer shall, upon application being made as provided for in Section 309.02, issue a permit for which a charge of twenty dollars ($20.00) will be made, setting forth the name of the permittee as well as the names of the owners of the goods to be moved and the address from which the goods are to be moved and the address to which the goods are to be delivered. (Ord. 2294 §1. Passed 5/2/72; Ord. 3388. Passed 12/18/90; Ord. 2014-46-Passed 12/16/14.)

309.99 PENALTY.

Any person who violates any provision of this Article shall be subject to the following penalties:

(a)   First violation - A fine of $100.00, or thirty days imprisonment,
or both;

(b) Second violation - A fine of $300.00, or sixty days imprisonment, or both;

(c) Third and each subsequent violation - A fine of $600.00, or ninety days imprisonment, or both;

(Ord. 1768. Passed 11/13/62; Ord. 3242. Passed 2/7/89.)