Fine Arts Commission

143.01 Establishment; membership.
143.02 Powers and duties.


A Fine Arts Commission for the City is hereby established, to consist of no less than twenty nor more than twenty-five members, appointed by the Mayor, subject to the approval and confirmation of Council, and who shall serve without compensation. Members of the Commission are required to be residents of the City of Bethlehem; provided, however, that up to five (5) members shall not be required to be residents of the City. (Ord. 4047 Passed 12/5/00)

The members should be broadly representative of the arts of painting, sculpture, graphics, music, dance, theatre and architecture. Of the original appointees to the Commission, one-third shall serve terms of three years, one-third for two years and one-third for one year, respectively. Thereafter, all appointments shall be for three-year terms, provided that any vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as original appointments. Further, the Mayor, with the approval of Council, may remove any member without cause assigned. (Ord. 2828. Passed 3/2/82.)


The Commission shall:

(a) Advise the Mayor, Council and any bureau or department of the City in matters concerning the fine arts;

(b) Maintain and further the fine arts in the City;

(c) Exert leadership in the field of fine arts by:

(1) Informing the community, through publications, such as brochures and/or calendars of events, of cultural groups and organizations active in the City and of cultural events taking place in the City;

(2) Encouraging cooperative cultural enterprises in the community;

(d) Concern itself with all aspects of the City which, by their nature, require an artistic consideration. (Ord. 1833 §2. Passed 11/19/63.)