Sister City Commission

141.01 Establishment; appointment, term and vacancy.
141.02 Officers and rules of procedure.
141.03 Duties.


There is hereby established the Sister City Commission of the City of Bethlehem to be composed of no more than twenty members, to be appointed by the Mayor subject to the approval and confirmation of Council, and who shall serve without compensation. Members of the Commission are required to be residents of the City of Bethlehem; provided, however, that up to five (5) members shall not be required to be residents of the City. Commission members shall primarily be individuals who have visited Tondabayashi, Japan or who have demonstrated a personal interest in developing a stronger relationship between Bethlehem and its Japanese Sister City. Of the original appointees to the Commission, one-third shall serve for terms of three years, one-third for two years and one-third for one year, respectively. Thereafter, all appointments shall be for three-year terms, which will expire on October 1 of the third year of the term. Any vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as original appointments. The Mayor, with the approval of Council, may remove any member without cause assigned. (Ord. 3032 §1. Passed 10/22/85; Ord. 3271. Passed 6/6/89; Ord. 3617. Passed 5/17/94; Ord. 4046 Passed 12/5/00)


The Sister City Commission shall elect one of its members as Chairman, may elect such other officers within their group as it may deem necessary, and may adopt such rules of procedure as are necessary to accomplish the duties prescribed in Section 141.03. (Ord. 2327 §2. Passed 11/28/72.)

141.03 DUTIES.

The Sister City Commission shall:

(a) Work with the Sister City Commission of Tondabayashi, Japan to promote better understanding, exchange cultural interests, promote trade interest, tourism, and exchange general ideas.

(b) Prepare and submit periodic reports of its activities to the Mayor and Council and from time to time to make recommendations to the Mayor and Council in connection with the achievement of its objectives. (Ord. 2327 §3. Passed 11/28/72.)

(c) Oversee a Student Exchange Program between Bethlehem and its Japanese Sister City of Tondabayashi. The Bethlehem Sister City Commission will interview the applicants and select the students. Students residing outside the City of Bethlehem may be selected only when the list of students who reside within the limits of the City of Bethlehem and who meet the criteria for selection has been exhausted. (Ord. 3271. Passed 6/6/89.)