City Controller

111.01 Powers And Duties.
111.02 To Review And Approve Warrants For Payment.
111.03 Bond Required.


City Controller - See 3rd Class §1701 et seq. (53 P.S. §36701 et. seq.) and
3rd Class Optional §41420 (53 P.S. §41420)
City Treasurer - See ADM. Art. 109
Finance - See ADM. Art. 121


(a) The City Controller shall exercise the control function in the management of the finances of the City as follows: he shall maintain the encumbrance system of budget operations set forth in Article 121.07, and shall provide for expenditures only upon written requisition, for the pre-audit of all claims and demands against the City prior to payment, and for the control of all payments out of any funds by individual checks for each payment to the official having custody thereof.

(b) He shall assure that the uniform accounting system throughout the City government as maintained by the Business Administrator reflects accurately the assets and liabilities and the income and expenses of the City. He shall receive from the Business Administrator and other department heads such information regarding City properties and obligations and City income and expenditures as he deems necessary to carry out his duties.

(c) In addition to the requirements of Article XVII of the Third Class City Code, he shall furnish Council with any reports requested and other reports at such times as he deems necessary.

(Ord. 1730 §331. Passed 2/13/62; Ord. 2012-22. Passed 8/7/12.)


(a) The City Controller shall review all checks for the expenditure of City monies and, if satisfied that such expenditure is within the budget allotment pertaining thereto, shall sign and/or forward the check before it is presented to the City Treasurer for payment. In so doing, he shall also pre-audit all claims and demands against the City prior to payment and shall approve checks for payment thereof only if satisfied that such payment is in accordance with law. (Ord. 1730 §331. Passed 2/13/62.)

(b) If it is advantageous to the City to enter into a contract or lease requiring the expenditure of funds over a period extending beyond the current budget year, the City Controller shall verify that the expenditure required for the current year is within the appropriate budget allotment. Expenditures required in subsequent years shall constitute obligations of the City which shall be provided for in the adoption of budgets for such years. (Ord. 2214. Passed 12/1/70.)

(Ord. 2012-22. Passed 8/7/12.)


The City Controller shall give bond to the City, as required by general law, in the sum of one million dollars ($1,000,000). (Ord. 1730 §331. Passed 2/13/62; Ord. 2009-14. Passed 5/20/09.)