Requirements for Ethics Training for City Council Members

104.01 Training Requirements
104.99 Penalty

104.01 Training Requirements

         A.   The City Council President, in conjunction with the City Clerk’s office, shall schedule a Committee of the Whole meeting within six months of the biennial City Council organizational meeting held pursuant to state law, at which the Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission shall present a training seminar on the rules, regulations, penalties, and other pertinent matters relating to ethics guidelines for municipal elected officials and employees. No other business shall be transacted or discussed at the ethics training meeting.

         B.   All Members of City Council shall be required to attend the ethics training meeting. The meeting shall be open to other City Municipal Elected Officials and employees of the City of Bethlehem, and Council shall provide for and encourage their attendance.

         C.   The ethics training meeting shall be advertised as provided by general law, and shall be publically announced and posted on the City website 30 days prior to its commencement.

         D.   If a Member of City Council is unable to attend said meeting due to unforeseen emergency, said Council Member shall be required to seek out and attend equivalent ethics training within the same calendar year at their own expense.

         E.   Members of Council will obtain a certificate of completion and submit the certificate to the City Clerk within one (1) month of attendance. The certificate shall be forwarded, with signatures redacted, by the Bethlehem City Clerk to the Information Services Bureau of Bethlehem which shall make accessible such certificate on the Bethlehem City website not later than five (5) days after they are received in the Bethlehem City Clerk’s Office.

104.99 Penalty

         Any Council Member who violates any provision of this Ordinance shall be subject to a fine of $100.00.

         (Ord.2017-16. Passed 5/17/17)