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Customers of the East Allen Township Municipal Authority:

Recently, you received a letter from the City of Bethlehem informing you of our intentions to propose a 14.2% rate increase to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. Many of you have inquired as to why this letter was sent to you, since you are not a water customer of the City of Bethlehem.

The short answer is that this letter was sent to you as information only. You are NOT a water customer of the City of Bethlehem, but rather a customer of the East Allen Township Municipal Authority (EATMA). However, we feel that there are some reasons why you may be interested in our rate action.

First and foremost, the City is obligated to inform its water customers of plans to change rates, which we were trying to accomplish through the letter. Secondly, the City and the EATMA have been working together enthusiastically for more than a year in an effort to enable the City of Bethlehem to acquire all water assets presently owned by EATMA. This transaction has not occurred yet, but will hopefully conclude in the months ahead. In an effort to make the transition as seamless as possible, the City created non-billable accounts for all water customers presently served by EATMA. Because these accounts existed in our account database at the time of the rate increase notification, and because of the plans described above, you received the letter along with our current customers.

The letter describes the proposed change in rates for a typical residential water customer who consumes 14,000 gallons per quarter to be $83.62 per quarter. Were you to become a water customer of the City of Bethlehem, we believe that you will find this to be a reduction in your water bill as compared to your current rates.

Additionally, the City’s water system is a regional jewel that boasts a tremendous capacity of extremely high quality water protected by over 24,000 acres of land in Carbon and Monroe Counties. As we evaluate potential water service to the East Allen Township community, we are interested in connecting our Bethlehem water supply to existing well systems where practical. While this will not happen immediately due to financial or technical obstacles, any future connection will have a profound impact on water quality and consistency of supply.

We hope that this allays any confusion, yet provides some beneficial insight to the relationship between EATMA and the City of Bethlehem. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call my office at 610 865-7207.


David L. Brong
Director, Water and Sewer Resources
City of Bethlehem

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