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Zoning Officer: Suzanne Borzak

New zoning ordinance

The goal of Bethlehem's new zoning ordinance is to encourage appropriate development in the city's core while maintaining developed neighborhoods and protecting environmentally-sensitive areas.

The ordinance has been adopted by City Council. You can review the new zoning ordinance, the zoning map.

Download Current Zoning Map [High Res PDF]

Download Zoning Ordinances [pdf]

Before occupancy of any building, the Zoning Ordinance should be checked to be sure the use of the property is allowed in the Zone. The Bethlehem Zoning Ordinance (No. 2210) is administered by the Zoning Office. This is where applications for Zoning Permits are filed; this is done in conjunction with the application for a Building Permit.

Some matters brought to the Zoning Office require a decision by the Zoning Hearing Board. The Zoning Hearing Board (ZHB) meets each month on the 4th Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. To schedule a hearing, a Notice of Appeal and the appropriate fee must be filed by the property owner or his agent at least twenty-eight (28) days before a monthly meeting. A Notice of Appeal can be obtained by contacting the Zoning Office or downloaded from here. A form is available for this step either by contacting the Zoning Office or downloaded from here.

The fee schedule is as follows:

Appeals for dimensional variances for single family residences occupied by the owner:
Continuation of hearings as stipulated above
All other appeals
Continuation of appeal as stipulated above
Additional hearings necessary for testimony. If a case is lengthy and requires an additional hearing(s), the Applicant shall pay an additional fee per additional hearing.
Curative Amendment / Validity Challenge
Zoning Certifications


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