City Council

NOTE:  Please turn off cell phones during City Council Meeting

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 2015 – 7:00 PM

Invocation - Pastor David C. Geyer, College Hill Moravian Church
Pledge to the Flag.

1.       Roll Call.

Prior to the consideration of the regular Agenda items, City Council will conduct two Public Hearings, as follows:

Public Hearing No. 1

Public Hearing to consider a Revision of the Zoning Map petition from Moravian College  to rezone a city block bound by Durham Street, Main Street, West Laurel Street, and Orchard Street from High Density Residential (RT) to Institutional (I) District. 

          Communication 5A – City Planning Commission -  Rezoning RT Residential  to I

          Communication 5B – Lehigh Valley Planning Commission – Zoning Map Revision

Public Hearing No. 2

Public Hearing to consider a Street Vacation petition from Moravian College to vacate Durham Street, from its intersection with Orchard Street, to Main Street, and Orchard Street from its intersection with Durham Street to West Laurel Street.

          Communication 5C – City Planning Commission -  Petition to Vacate portions of
Durham and Orchard Streets

          Communication 5D – Lehigh Valley Planning Commission – Vacation of Durham and Orchard Streets


2.       Approval of Minutes – August 18, 2015
3.       Public Comment. (for public comment on Ordinances and Resolutions to be voted on by Council this evening – 5 Minute Time Limit)

4.       Old Business.

          A.      Old Business – Members of Council
B.      Tabled Items
C.      Unfinished Business

5.       Communications.

          E.      Mayor – Request to fill Vacancy – Parks Maintenance Bureau Worker I
F.      Director of Parks and Public Property – Recommendation for Award – Agpoint
Construction Services
G.      Director of Planning and Zoning – Zoning Map and Text Amendments Ordinance-
Rezoning Landmark Conservation and Traditional Neighborhood Development
Overlay District (CM-LTN) to Office Mixed Use District (OMU)

H.      Business Administrator - Recommendation for Award – TD Bank
I.       City Solicitor – Use Permit Agreement – Star of Bethlehem Festival - Star Bar
Pop Up Bar Event
J.       City Solicitor – Use Permit Agreement – Lead Dog Marketing – Runner’s World
Half Marathon and Festival – Runner’s World Trail Run
K.      City Solicitor – Use Permit Agreement – ArtsQuest – Oktoberfest
L.      City Solicitor – Sublease Agreement – Appalachian Mountain Club – Illick’s Mill

6.       Reports.

          A.      President of Council

1.       Councilmanic Appointment – Cathy Reuscher – Environmental Advisory Council

B.      Mayor

7.       Ordinances for Final Passage.


8.       New Ordinances.

          A.      Bill No. 32 – Amending General Fund
B.      Bill No. 33 – Amending Non-Utility Capital Budget

9.       Resolutions.

          A.      Transfer of Funds –General Fund Budget – Horse Trailer
B.      Transfer of Funds – Water Capital Budget – East Allen/Shady Lane Well
C.      Transfer of Funds – Sewer Capital Budget – Bar Screen-Detritus Room
D.      Transfer of Funds – CDBG – Street Overlay, Curb Cuts, Public Facilities/ADA
E.      Authorizing Hiring – Parks Maintenance Bureau Worker I
F.      Authorizing Contract – Agpoint Construction Services
G.      Authorizing Contract – TD Bank
H.      Authorizing Use Permit Agreement – Star of Bethlehem Festival – Star Bar Pop
Up Bar Event
I.       Certificate of Appropriateness – 413 Vine Street
J.       Certificate of Appropriateness – 310 Taylor Street
K.      Certificate of Appropriateness – 301 Broadway
L.      Certificate of Appropriateness – 308 South New Street
M.     Certificate of Appropriateness – 321 Adams Street
N.      Certificate of Appropriateness – 313 East Third Street

10.     New Business.

11.     Public Comment.  (for public comment on any subject – 5 Minute Time Limit)

12.     Adjournment.