City Council


OCTOBER 19, 2004 - 7:30 PM - TOWN HALL

Invocation – Monsignor William Handges – Notre Dame of Bethlehem Church

2. Pledge to the Flag.

3. Roll Call.

* Public Hearing

4. Approval of Minutes – October 5, 2004.

5. Courtesy of the Floor. (for public comment on Ordinances and Resolutions to be voted on by Council this evening – 12 Minute Time Limit)

6. Old Business.

7. Communications:

A. Attorney James Broughal – Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment – Township Line Road – Overlay District
B. Deputy Director of Community Development – PennDot – Highway Safety Program Grant
C. Director of Public Works – Bethlehem Commerce Center – Act 537 Special Study
D. Business Administrator – 2004 State Aid – Pension
E. Assistant City Solicitor – Records Destruction – Purchasing Department
F. Public Works Director – Paint Mill Bridge Project – Agreement with PPL
G. Public Works Director – Paint Mill Bridge Project – Agreement with UGI
H. Public Works Director – Paint Mill Bridge Project – Federal Aid Reimbursement Agreement

8. Reports:

A. President of Council.
B. Mayor.
C. Finance Committee (Mr. Donchez)
D. Public Works Committee (Mr. Mowrer)

9. Ordinances for Final Passage:

A. Bill No. 44 – 2004 – Amending Article 150 – Board of Appeals

10. New Ordinances:

A. Bill No. 45 – 2004 – Amending General Fund Budget – Northampton County Drug Task Force – Overtime; Fire Department – Roster Duty; Mechanical Bureau – Equipment Repairs; NCDA Grant – AIDS Program; Tobacco Program
B. Bill No. 46 – 2004 – Amending Non-Utility Capital Budget – Paint Mill Bridge Replacement Project; Illick’s Mill Grant; DCNR Grant – Parks and Playground Equipment; South Side Lighting and Elm Street Study
C. Bill No. 47 – 2004 – Amending Community Development Budget – HOME Program – HOOP Loans
D. Bill No. 48 – 2004 – Adding Article 129 – Bond Issue Item Amounts

11. Resolutions:

A. Authorizing Execution of Use Permit Agreement – Christkindlmarkt
B. Authorizing Execution of Use Permit Agreement – Live Bethlehem Christmas Pageant
C. Certificate of Appropriateness – 259 East Market Street
D. Certificate of Appropriateness – Sons of the Revolution Plaque
E. Certificate of Appropriateness – 79 West Market Street
F. Transfer of Funds – Fire Department – Overtime
G. Transfer of Funds – EMS Bureau – Temporary Help
H. Transfer of Funds – Meter Shop – Overtime
I. Transfer of Funds – Water Maintenance – Overtime
J. Transfer of Funds – Wastewater Treatment – Overtime
K. Transfer of Funds – Engineering Bureau - Overtime
L. Transfer of Funds – Streets Bureau – Overtime
M. Transfer of Funds – Ice Rink – Temporary Help
N. Transfer of Funds – Ice Rink – Overtime
O. Transfer of Funds – Golf Course – Overtime
P. Transfer of Funds – Parks Maintenance – Overtime
Q. Transfer of Funds – Mechanical Bureau – Overtime
R. Transfer of Funds – Curb Cuts
S. Transfer of Funds – Community Development Department – Overtime
T. Transfer of Funds- Recycling Bureau – Temporary Help
U. Authorizing Execution of Highway Safety Program Grant – PennDot
V. Authorizing Execution of Agreement – Relocation of Electric Distribution Facilities – Paint Mill Bridge Replacement Project - PPL
W. Authorizing Execution of Agreement – Installation for Gas Line – Paint Mill Bridge Replacement Project – UGI
X. Authorizing Execution of Federal Aid Reimbursement Agreement – Paint Mill Bridge Replacement Project

12. New Business.

A. Rescheduling First City Council Meeting in November to Wednesday,
November 3, 2004

13. Courtesy of the Floor. (for public comment on any subject – 12 Minute Time Limit)

14. Adjournment.

* Prior to the consideration of the regular Agenda items, City Council will consider the Proposed Action Plan for Fiscal Year 2005 that includes funding under the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnership Programs.